Reapplying for Peace Corps service? Read this first.

By Lora King
April 3, 2018

Here in the placement office, another know-by date has come and gone. 

Many applicants received invitations to serve and many more received the disappointing news that they were not selected for service at this time.

With more than 20,000 applications for 4,000 open positions every year, it’s become more and more common for people to apply again if they are not initially selected. And we do encourage you to reapply to one of the currently open positions listed on the website!

To make the most use of your next application, here’s four tips before you push the “submit” button:

1. Dive deep into “Why Peace Corps?”
We ask applicants to write a motivation statement and we ask about it during the interview. We want to know that you thought about your interest in serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Make sure that your application materials articulate that interest.

Pro tip: Review the Core Expectations for Peace Corps Volunteers and consider how they may apply to your Peace Corps service. 

2. Take advantage of the resources the Peace Corps has available
The number one piece of advice given to applicants is to connect with a Peace Corps recruiter. Recruiters are great at helping you target your experience and application materials to relevant openings.

Also read the blogs on the website written by placement officers (like this one on tips for your application from placement officers!). 

3. Continue to gain relevant skills and experience
Anyone with a bachelor’s degree or five years’ of professional experience is qualified for Peace Corps service; however, that is just the minimum. Take a look at the “Desired Skills” section of the position description to see what skills could help you be more competitive for that position.

Don’t be afraid to explore positions outside your primary experience area as well! We have all our different work sectors listed on the website with links to the most current open positions. 

4. Update your application
Now that you’ve put all that work into updating your materials, don’t forget to actually change them in the application. Although you can reuse materials, double-check that your résumé and motivation statement are the most recent version, including new experience and accomplishments since your previous application. 

Lastly, consider where you are submitting your application. Did you apply to one specific country last application cycle, but now realize you would be happy to serve where you are needed most? If you are open to multiple sectors or regions, this may be the right option for you. We will review your application and match your skills and preferences to an opening. Keep in mind that you can only have one active application, so ensure you are selecting the opening for which you most want to apply. 

Not being selected for service is disappointing, but I hope these tips will give you a fresh perspective on your next application. When you’re ready, check out our currently open positions and reapply now!

Ready to start your Peace Corps journey? Connect with a recruiter today.

Lora King