A Peace Corps internship on my own college campus?

Campus Ambassadors
By Clayton Kennedy
April 1, 2015

Get this: there’s a way to become a Peace Corps insider well before you serve—or even apply. It’s through an internship program that’s taking off at hundreds of colleges across the country: Campus Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are undergrad students who work as peer-to-peer outreach experts, kicking up dust around campus, sharing about the life-changing, career-jumpstarting opportunity that Peace Corps offers.

Here’s the idea

  • Our Peace Corps Recruiters visit college campuses like crazy through the fall and spring semesters, but with all the turf they have to cover it’s never enough.
  • So each year we bring on some local experts to help shake things up a bit. Campus Ambassadors. That means you.

Campus Ambassadors
Campus Ambassadors

What do Ambassadors do?

  • They multiply the impact of recruiters by helping with their events and keeping the fire alive through the rest of the year.
  • In practice, that means a variety of targeted outreach: social media blasts, presentations to student groups, event planning and more.

  • Professional development, some sweet Peace Corps swag and a close relationship with a Peace Corps Recruiter (who’d be happy to advise you through the Peace Corps application process, though they can’t guarantee acceptance).
  • Oh, and this: an internship with a deeply respected federal agency.

Campus Ambassadors
Campus Ambassadors

What do Ambassadors get?

Now, it is work, averaging out to a few hours a week. It’s unpaid. And we’re asking for a two-semester commitment—next fall and spring.

But it’s a vibrant way to boost your résumé, make a name for yourself on campus and... help share Peace Corps’ mission of world peace and friendship.

Interested? Send questions to [email protected].

Clayton Kennedy