3 ways noncompetitive eligibility gives you the edge for a federal job

By Ashley Lenihan
May 20, 2015

It’s a known fact that the federal hiring process can be long. 

Even after you’ve interviewed for a position, it may take time for the hiring manager to contact you with an offer. If you’re a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer, getting a job is probably one of your highest priorities. Noncompetitive eligibility gives you an essential advantage for federal jobs.

  1. Less Competition: Noncompetitive eligibility means you might be selected without competing against hundreds of other job applicants seeking the same position. Regulations usually require a federal agency to endure a long process of posting an opening, screening applicants, interviewing applicants, justifying which applicant to hire over others and, finally, making offers. Noncompetitive eligibility permits federal agencies to bypass this process and hire an eligible returned Peace Corps Volunteer.
  2. Faster Application Process: Since they can bypass the normal competitive hiring process, federal hiring managers can move forward with a noncompetitive eligibility candidate much faster. A process that normally takes six months or more might take only a couple months for a candidate with noncompetitive eligibility status.
  3. Desired by Hiring Managers: A job applicant with noncompetitive eligibility status is advantageous for hiring managers. While a job remains empty, other employees have to fulfill those responsibilities on top of their own full-time work. A hiring manager can get a new hire with noncompetitive eligibility on board faster than almost any other external candidate, thus making those with noncompetitive eligibility highly sought after by federal offices.

From the state of Washington to Washington, D.C., noncompetitive eligibility can help returned Peace Corps Volunteers have an edge in the federal hiring market. Whether you want to work for the Department of Labor, the U.S. Forest Service or the Peace Corps itself, noncompetitive eligibility can help you get in the door. 

For more information about noncompetitive eligibility, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Also take a look through the openings on RPCV Career Link to see many of the federal jobs seeking RPCVs with noncompetitive eligibility. 

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Ashley Lenihan