PCV Margaret Klug‘s Story

Margaret Klug with her students
May 6, 2024

My pet Chaco helped me connect with my community...

Moving to a new place can be hard and being surrounded by a culture dramatically different than your own can be even harder. For me, one thing that has helped me to stay open, continue connecting, and sharing my culture in small ways everyday has been getting a pet, my dog Chaco. My community gifted me a beautiful puppy a few months into service and she has helped me to connect with others. I am walking around my community more frequently, which results in meeting plenty of new people, I am sharing the differences in how it is to raise a dog in Sierra Leone versus how I have raised dogs in the United States in the past and I am learning a lot about how Sierra Leoneans take care of animals. Chaco even comes with me to school every day and my students love spending time with her during down time.