Projects in Paraguay


Our Agriculture Volunteers focus on soil conservation and recuperation; Our volunteers are placed in communities with an Agriculture Technical School where they work with students and their families in rural communities, permaculture systems and organic gardens; reforestation; small-scale diversification efforts such as beekeeping, small animal husbandry and climate change awareness.

Community Economic Development

Our Community Economic Development Volunteers work in the areas of community engagement which involve, leadership, community/group organization and project design and management.  The workforce development area aim to prepare youth for the first employment, equip youth and adult with basic computer knowledge and personal finance. In the business development area, the CED sector work in the entrepreneurship field and improved business management of micro and small businesses. 


Our Environmental Volunteers focus on environmental awareness; biodiversity; and sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, in which community members learn to more carefully and effectively utilize natural resources in ways that improve their standard of living. Volunteers support a variety of institutions and groups within a wide range of communities, working in both urban and rural settings to implement sustainable practices and environmental awareness activities. These activities include, but are not limited to: formal and informal environmental education, organizing environmental holidays, forming youth environmental clubs, creating and maintain tree nurseries, tree planting in general, agroforestry systems, soil conservation activities and improving solid waste management with local institutions. 


Our Community Health Volunteers work in the areas of prevention education and training, nutrition and non-communicable diseases; HIV and Sexually Transmitted Illness (STI) prevention; and reproductive health. The Health Extension Volunteer, work in rural, semi-rural, small towns and/or urban sites (1,000 – 7,000 inhabitants). The role of a health volunteer in Paraguay is supporting health promotion and preventative activities within the community and coordinated with the local health post or health center. A major part of your job will include work with elementary and high schools, community members, community groups, and host country agencies to promote healthy behaviors. Specifically, focus on improved prevention of non-communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health and healthy life skills for young people.