Paraguay flag


Located in the heart of South America, Peace Corps Paraguay is one of the oldest continuously operating posts in the agency. The Paraguayan government and the Peace Corps signed a joint agreement on November 4, 1966, and the first Volunteers arrived in 1967 to work on agricultural extension in rural areas. Before long, projects were also established in the health and education sectors.

With its one-of-a-kind bilingualism, deeply rooted cultural traditions, vibrant landscapes, signature native crafts, and rich history, Paraguay captures the hearts and imaginations of the Volunteers who have the privilege to call this little-known slice of South America home for two years. Though the land itself has much to offer, it’s the bonds forged across language and cultural barriers with community members that move Volunteers to eagerly share their experiences with friends and family back home and build bridges between countries, one story at a time.

Many former Volunteers remain informed about the country’s affairs and continue to contribute to its development efforts years after they complete their service, demonstrating their dedication to support Paraguay’s most valuable resource - its warmly welcoming people.

Until most recently an average of 100 Volunteers arrived each year, joining the nearly 5,300 Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in Paraguay since 1967. As of 2020, approximately 200 Volunteers were working in agricultural extension, community health, economic development, and environmental conservation in as many communities around the country.