Stories from Nepal

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Nepal.

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Green hills in Nepal

In a sweltering training hall, Sarita wanders among rows of women bent over the colorful kurtas that she is teaching them to sew.

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Rice planting in rural Nepal is perhaps the most significant agricultural event of the year.

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Aja with her didi.jpg

I met my didi early on in my service at the 7 a.m. weekly Saturday meetings held in the center of my village. 

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Participants of the Intensive Management and Improved Genetics in Goats workshop gather outside for a photo.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, there are myriad challenges to overcome.

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Peace Corps Volunteers help Feed the Future

Imagine a world without hunger...

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Kiwi Plantation Training

The District of Lamjung is suffering from what the local agricultural technicians term "citrus decline." According to local residents, the area used to have healthy citrus orchards, from which many farmers obtained both improved nutrition from eating and income from selling fruit. 

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Doing a handwashing demonstration with Jhabindra

36 years ago, in the Nepali year of 2038 and Gregorian year of 1981, a man named David walked into Jhabindra Neupane’s 5th grade classroom.

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Mushroom Project in Nepal

Volunteer Sarah Anderson’s village development committee (VDC) is located in the Far West of Nepal and is very large with 37 mothers groups and 13,500 people. 

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Bio-Intensive Gardening in Nepal

Watch this 18-minute video on living and working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. Currently, we have 55 PCVs working as Food Security Volunteers, spread across eight districts in Nepal

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