Projects in Mongolia


The English Education and Community Development project is the largest of Peace Corps Mongolia’s projects with 70 percent of Volunteers. Peace Corps builds capacity in English language skills at two levels: as a skilled human resource for the future education of Mongolian students by training Mongolian English teachers and by directly supporting Mongolian students through individual or co-teaching with Mongolian teachers.

English Education Volunteers serve in all 21 districts working in secondary schools, universities, and district Education Departments. Volunteers work closely with Mongolian English teachers to co-plan and co-teach English classes of all levels. Additionally, Volunteers work with their Mongolian colleagues to design and facilitate teaching seminars, assist with camps and clubs, and present at professional conferences.


Volunteers in the community-based health project assist with community health education, help update medical professionals and medical students with medical English knowledge, facilitate preventive health initiatives, and work with local teachers to educate secondary school students about healthy life skills. Volunteers increase the capacity of Mongolian youth to overcome challenging life circumstances and become young adults who contribute to improving the quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Volunteers work in both urban and rural locations and currently serve in 15 districts across the country. The Community-Based Health Project emphasizes strategies for healthier life-styles, including HIV/AIDS prevention, through health promotion and prevention behaviors and includes both adults and children/youth taking an active role maintaining good health.

Youth in Development

Community Youth Development Volunteers work with social workers in district children’s centers, secondary schools, vocational and training centers,Youth Development Centers, and NGOs. Volunteers share skills and motivation to assist young people in areas of education, life skills and leadership, while at the same time building the capacity of Mongolian youth-serving organizations and individuals.

The Community Youth Development project seeks to empower youth resulting in increased life opportunities by building educational, personal, social and vocational skills. Volunteers work with their Mongolian counterparts to facilitate life skills clubs for community youth including some clubs targeting dorm students and disabled children. Some Volunteers also organized summer camps focusing on life skills, service learning and leadership development.