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The original English Education program was the first and only Peace Corps project when the Mongolia post was opened in 1991. With the transition to democracy in 1990, the Government of Mongolia (GOM) identified English language learning as an important step toward establishing an active democracy and prosperous economy. Furthermore, the GOM felt that English language learning was necessary for gaining access to relevant modern scientific, technological, and business information. With this in mind, the GOM requested the assistance of Peace Corps. For over 30 years, Volunteers have worked hand-in-hand with community and school partners to evolve and grow the English Education program, and ensure its ongoing relevance.

Over time, and as the English education program evolved, PC Mongolia recognized that the improvement of English skills should not be limited to the classroom, but should also be prioritized in informal settings utilizing clubs and camps as a platform for connection with students, teachers, and other community members. The need for a more comprehensive and expanded approach tying English education to a variety of development sectors within the country has continued to escalate over time. Stakeholders from a number of professional disciplines continue to seek out Volunteers with hopes of tapping into their English language and technical skills. Small communities around the country continue to embrace opportunities to bring in needed investments and jobs to support & sustain their growing populations.

Therefore, to leverage the existing strength of the most recent English Education program iteration, to continue the program’s reach into underserved communities around the country, to further develop English language skills and capacity for teachers, students, community stakeholders, and to promote a renewed & holistic focus on a multi sectoral or layered approach to community development, the new English Education and Community Development program is being implemented. Moving forward, PC Mongolia envisions both English education and community development areas as equally important elements required to meet the goals of the GOM, the goals of the Peace Corps, and the needs of counterparts, PCVs, and community partners.

English Education and Community Development Volunteers serve in secondary schools, universities, and province Education Departments. Volunteers work closely with Mongolian English teachers to co-plan and co-teach English classes of all levels. Additionally, Volunteers collaborate with counterparts & stakeholders to develop and implement a variety of community driven development interventions spanning a number of technical sectors.