Projects in Mongolia


The English Education project is the largest of Peace Corps Mongolia’s projects with 70 percent of Volunteers. Peace Corps builds capacity in English language skills at two levels: as a skilled human resource for the future education of Mongolian students by training Mongolian English teachers and by directly supporting Mongolian students through individual or co-teaching with Mongolian teachers.

English Education Volunteers serve in all 21 provinces working in secondary schools, universities, and province Education Departments. Volunteers work closely with Mongolian English teachers to co-plan and co-teach English classes of all levels. Additionally, Volunteers work with their Mongolian colleagues to design and facilitate teaching seminars, assist with camps and clubs, and present at professional conferences.


The Health Education project’s first group of Volunteers arrived in Mongolia in May 2017. Peace Corps Volunteers in Mongolia have found great success in working with youth on healthy lifestyle and life skill development in the past. Volunteers co-plan and co-facilitate lessons, camps, and clubs with Mongolian teachers to build healthy lifestyle, life skills, and leadership capacity for their students in and out of the classroom.

Volunteers work in Secondary schools and Vocational Training Centers in both urban and rural locations. This project focuses on preventing risky behaviors and promoting healthy choices. Volunteers work with Mongolian teachers, students, and community health workers to promote awareness, healthy choices, and behavior changes around nutrition and exercise, preventing alcohol, tobacco, and substance use, and sexual and reproductive health. By supporting healthy initiatives throughout their communities, Volunteers positively impact youth in their adolescence and promote the establishment of sustainable healthy lifestyles.