Mongolia flag

Director's Welcome

Сайхан хаваржиж байна уу! Greetings from Mongolia!

Earl Miller
Earl Miller, Country Director for Peace Corps Mongolia

In December I had the honor to join the Peace Corps as Country Director in the remarkable nation of Mongolia.  What a privilege to support Peace Corps Volunteers, America’s best ambassadors, in the audacious mission to promote world peace and friendship.  It’s even more special to do so with brilliant Mongolian partners in the spectacular “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.”  Come join me and our wonderful Peace Corps Mongolia team on a journey of life changing public service.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia, you will make a positive contribution to the lives of students, members of your communities and so many others you will work with and learn from.  You will proudly add your legacy to the almost 1500 Volunteers who have served in Mongolia since 1991.  You will join the almost quarter million Peace Corps Volunteers who over the past 63 years served around the world because they believed they had something to share to make a difference. 

Everywhere I travel in Mongolia I meet people who tell me how Volunteers touched their lives.  Senior government policy and decision makers, civil society leaders, teachers, and students of all ages talk about their inspiring experiences and friendships with Peace Corps Volunteers.

And the partnership between the Peace Corps and Mongolia continues to grow.  We have 36 Volunteers and will welcome a new group in June 2024.  We are expanding across the country into new sites, schools, and communities where Volunteers will work with Mongolian partners on our innovative English Education and Community Development program that takes advantage of each Volunteers unique life experiences and skills. 

In her book, The Education of an Idealist, Samantha Power writes, “People who care, act, and refuse to give up may not change the world.  But they can change many individual worlds.”

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia, your service will change many individual worlds.  Including your own.

Earl Miller
Country Director