Peace Corps Ghana is seeking to engage the local market on the requirements listed below.

The Peace Corps is a United States federal agency that promotes international peace, friendship and sustainable development by providing trained men and women to serve in local communities. In Ghana, these trained men and women (Peace Corps Volunteers) work in the areas of Health, Education, and Agriculture. The agency in Ghana is seeking for the following.


Training Manager (TM)

Position Purpose: Provides leadership in developing and maintaining a training program that contributes to the Post’s goal of nurturing and supporting resilient, culturally sensitive, responsible and able Volunteers. Often shares duties with and works through others who directly implement training activities (e.g. at Pre-Service Training (PST), works through PST Training Director and Coordinators for technical, language and cultural training and logistics and homestay arrangements; at In-Service Trainings or Mid service training (ISTs/MSTs); works with Program Managers and Program Assistants (PAS). Fundamentally plays a leadership role to assure quality in all training events and program activities.

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General Services Manager

The General Services Manager (GSM) is responsible, under the direct supervision of the Director of Management & Operations (DMO) and in coordination with the Contracting Officers (CO) for ensuring effective and efficient operations of Post procurement, inventory management, vehicle equipment and property maintenance, vendor relationships and general administrative needs. The GSM supervises the functions of the General Services staff

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Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Internet services

Peace Corps intends to offer a firm-fixed price contract for a 4G dedicated internet connectivity solution for our head office in Accra, sub-offices in Tamale and Kumasi. The contract will include initial set-up costs for installation and equipment and monthly fees for WAN and Internet Service.

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