Peace Corps Ghana is seeking to engage the local market on the requirements listed below.

The Peace Corps is a United States federal agency that promotes international peace, friendship and sustainable development by providing trained men and women to serve in local communities. In Ghana, these trained men and women (Peace Corps Volunteers) work in the areas of Health, Education, and Agriculture. The agency in Ghana is seeking for the following.


The Language, Cross Culture and Homestay Coordinator

Position Summary: The Language, Cross Culture and Homestay Coordinator (LCCHC) is responsible for designing and implementing, in consultation with the Training Manager, a relevant sequence of integrated learning activities that will enable Peace Corps trainees/Volunteers to develop skills to communicate and work effectively in Ghana. The LCCHC works under the supervision of the Training Manager and is responsible to the Director of Programming and Training, ensures the effective running for the design, implementation, and evaluation of PC Ghana’s homestay program

The LCCHC directly oversees Language and Cross Cultural Facilitators (LCFs) during in-service and pre-service training of Peace Corps Volunteers. This includes review of LCFs’ session plans, direct observation of language sessions, reviews of daily session reports, demonstration of language lessons to trainers, assistance in solving trainee home-stay/language/cultural problems and periodic LCF performance feedback. The LCCHC collaborates closely with other Peace Corps programming staff to assess training needs of current and future Volunteers.

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