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Projects in Ghana


Rural Ghanaian farmers and producer organizations will increase incomes and food security thanks to PCV support. The goals of the Agriculture project are three-fold:

Improving Farm Productivity

Rural Ghanaian farmers will improve farm productivity in order to increase availability and access to food. Through improved staple crop cultivation, through small animal husbandry and beekeeping and through improved non-timber forest product cultivation.

Improving Farm Income

Rural Ghanaian farmers will improve farm income through improved capacity, added value and marketing.

Improving Organizational Capacity

Ghanaian agricultural producer organizations will strengthen their management capacity in order to improve food security outcomes through strengthened organizational management and improved financial literacy.


Ghanaian students will have greater opportunities for personal and academic success in school and in their communities thanks to PCV interventions. The goals of the Education project are two-fold:

Increasing Student Capacity

Ghanaian students in Junior High School, Senior High School and Schools for the Deaf will demonstrate improved capacity in Math, Science, or Art, respectively, through demonstrating increased content mastery and/or critical thinking.

Building School Capacity

Ghanaian students will demonstrate improved leadership qualities due to their schools increased capacity to provide a quality educational environment, through expanded use of capital and material educational resources, improved student confidence, motivation and/or leadership through extracurricular activities, engagement in communities of practice for professional development and broadened community support for schools and learning.

Building Scholars for the Future through STEAM

Through supplemental education, enrichment programs and leadership development training, GapBuster Ghana in partnership with Ministry of Education develops well-rounded individuals positioned to excel in academic, social and professional environments.

Together, we enable students to meet their full potential in spite of socio-economic disadvantages through programs that will engage them academically and intellectually beyond the school day.

See details on Peace Corps Ghana and GapBuster Ghana Collaboration [PDF]


PCVs support global and national efforts to ensure that all Ghanaians have long and healthy lives. With each goal, community members will adopt behaviors and practices to improve their health. The goals of the Health Project are four-fold:

  1. Improving Maternal and Child Health
  2. Reducing incidences of Malaria via Prevention Methods
  3. Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  4. Increasing Knowledge about Healthy Sexual Behaviors

Working within the four goals of the Health project framework, one might find themselves working on malaria prevention, hand-washing promotion, creating and/or strengthening community water and sanitation committees, nutrition programs, peer educator training on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, and/or improved water and sanitation options, such as latrines, rainwater harvest systems and soak away pits.