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If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

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  • You're under consideration for a different position than you applied for. Now what?

You're under consideration for a different position than you applied for. Now what?

A Peace Corps Volunteer wearing a colorful, patterned skirt walks down a sandy path in Tanzania with a group of children.

After plenty of research into the Peace Corps, you applied to a position of great interest to you. And then you got an email saying you are no longer being considered for that position but you are being considered for other programs.

Now your head is spinning with questions. Here are some answers to some of the questions you're likely to have.

Why not the program that I applied for?

Some programs are exceptionally competitive and there are not enough positions for all who apply and are qualified for that position. Other programs have unique skills requirements that some of our candidates do not meet. 

Was my application considered?

Yes, we assessed your application for the position to which you applied but determined that you would not move forward in the process of being considered for that position. This can happen at any stage in the application process

Why am I being considered for another program?

In that assessment of your application, you were found to be qualified for other positions. We are looking for your flexibility and willingness to serve in the position we are now considering for your service. 

How long until I know what position I will be shared to?

It can take a few days, so please be patient. We are working hard at finding the best fit for you and that can take a little time. 

If the program that I’m being shared to needs applications, does that mean that there is something negative about that program or that country of service?

No, absolutely not. Some programs are larger than others and need more willing and motivated candidates to fill them, while others may have certain qualifications that need to be taken into consideration, so there could just be fewer candidates who qualify for the position. 

Why not just remove me from consideration so I can apply again?

When you were shared to another program, we identified a program where your skills and interests meet a specific need, which increases the likelihood that your application will be successful. It is possible that we would move you into a position no longer posted on our website to fill a specific need. Also, it saves you the time and effort of resubmitting your application. 

Does being shared increase my chances of receiving an invitation?

Since we identified your application as a good potential fit for a higher-need program, being shared is a great opportunity! That said, it does not guarantee an invitation. We’ll still need to fully assess your candidacy to ensure that you’re a good fit for the program. 

What if I am not interested in serving in the position or country to which I have been shared?

We encourage you to learn more about the program before you decide. If you have concerns, discuss those with your new placement officer. You may find that that there is a lot to love about the new position and country. If, after thoughtful consideration, you cannot commit to the new assignment, let your placement officer know and they will advise you on next steps. 

What happens if I am shared and not offered an invitation?

The good news is that your application was assessed and found competitive for Peace Corps service. Given that there are a lot of factors that go into receiving an invitation, just because you may not have received an invitation with this application, it does not mean that you still can’t receive an invitation in the future. You can reapply, and we high encourage you to do so after speaking with a recruiter about how to continue to strengthen your application. 

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