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Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Cameroon.

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When I got to my village, a sleepy town of 500 nestled in the mountains of the Adamawa, I was shocked to find out that the HIV/AIDS prevalence in the health area was 9.1%.

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My town is a place where HIV, gender equality, and health decision making are rarely discussed in a public forum.


At my former site, schools were unexpectedly closed for a time. Because adolescents were not attending school, the local hospital noticed an increase of early pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Men in HIV/AIDS Education 1

Living at his post and receiving  supplementary Peace Corps training,  Health Volunteer Anthony decided to train peer educators in his community

Girls presenting the app

When English teacher Laura decided to sign up seven girls at her high school for the “Technovation Challenge,” she knew it would be a true challenge

Farmers during practical training

In partnership with a local NGO, Agriculture Volunteer Jonathan implemented a project that aims to increase farmers' income while maintaining soil fertility.

Peace Corps Volunteers help Feed the Future

Imagine a world without hunger...

Widows group marching on the IWD

Madame Yvette was not the first person to knock on my door, saying she wanted to be my friend. She was, however, the first person to do so with a vision of what that friendship should look like.

A native of Batouri, Cameroon, Gabriel Noa Tsala works with Peace Corps Volunteers to improve agricultural and business syste

I first started working with Peace Corps Volunteers in August 2013. 

Literacy Lab LGL

Happy International Education Week!

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Rise with the sun.

Women take charge to improve nutrition and income

With the help of Peace Corps Volunteer Alex Meckley, women who farm in the Northwest Region of Cameroon are now strengthening the diets of their households and earning additional income.

Feed the Future & the Peace Corps: Taking food security efforts to the grassroots level

For women farmers in Cameroon, the land is their livelihood.

VIDEO: Joy, highlighting happiness in Cameroon

"A typical day in Cameroon is full of joy and happiness. Every Friday, a group called “Mbiykici”(I plant a tree) meets in a small village in the north west of Cameroon to make music by singing, playing traditional instruments and enjoying a cup of palm wine or honey drink. People around them dance, laugh and share what makes them happy, to the rhythm of one of their favorite Cameroonian songs, 'We are one, we are together.'" – Peace Corps Cameroon Volunteer Jomara Laboy-Rivera

VIDEO: "Nous Sommes Ensemble" (We Are Together)

"In Cameroon, we live by a saying – nous sommes ensemble. We are together. Regardless of the circumstances, I am your brother, she is my sister, and we are together navigating through life's challenges and mishaps. It's victories and triumphs. We are united by joy and joy undoubtably results in unity." – Peace Corps Cameroon Volunteer Kevin Tang

Rachel Chaikof cochlear implant

Since Peace Corps’ inception in 1961, more than 60 deaf Americans have successfully served as Volunteers. An additional 138 Americans with some degree of hearing loss have served since 2001.

Cameroon is a country with a rich culture and unique traditions. Dancing and music comprise a huge part of Cameroonians’ lives, whether at clubs or gathering with neighbors.

Wendy Peace Corps to Apple

After spending 27 months in a small village in rural Cameroon as a Volunteer, picking up and moving to Shanghai was nothing for returned Peace Corps Volunteer Wendy Lee, even without a job or friends there.

Bill Huffman

In 2011 at age 57, I took a sabbatical from my engineering career to re-join the Peace Corps, serving three years in Mali and Cameroon.