Projects in Cameroon


Peace Corps Cameroon Agriculture project promotes smallholder integrated farming systems in which staple food crops, vegetable gardens, trees and small animal husbandry are intermixed on the same piece of land in a harmonized & symbiotic manner where each component supports and benefits from the other, thereby improving the overall productivity. The goals of this project are to intensify and diversify the value and the volume of agricultural production while promoting farming as a business.


The Education project seeks to provide personal, professional, and academic opportunities to students and teachers through English and science. In their capacities of English, Math, and Science teachers, Volunteers help students improve English language and science proficiency and develop gender aware leadership skills. They help teachers improve instruction by encouraging them to integrate literacy teaching and learning techniques and to use student-centered and gender equitable approaches to content-based instructions. Finally, they enhance community members’ participation in schools and students’ learning through sports, science fairs, library development projects, and experiential learning opportunities.


The Community Health program supports the Government of Cameroon’s efforts to improve maternal, neonatal and child health outcomes and promote behavior change to minimize the risk of HIV infections. To achieve this purpose, Volunteers carry out activities aiming at increasing community members’ knowledge on various health topics and providing them with skills that will enable them adopt positive behaviors. Volunteers’ activities include: community education on essential maternal care services; mentoring on maternal, newborn, and child health; prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV; creation and management of care groups; education on malaria transmission and prevention; education and counseling of mothers on infant and young child nutrition.

Feed the Future

The West Africa Regional Food Security Partnership (WAFSP) is a cross-sectoral program that aims at building community capacity at grassroots level in order to respond to food insecurity vulnerabilities such as malnutrition, food shortage and price increase. Food security activities focus on three main areas: food utilization, food availability and food accessibility. Volunteers activities include: training community members on improved gardening techniques; training on composting and organic pesticide composition and use; education on mushroom cultivation and health benefits; and capacity building in improved beekeeping methods.

President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Regardless of project area, all Volunteers in Cameroon are involved in HIV/AIDS education. The focus is on HIV prevention with youth and orphans and vulnerable children; care and support of people living with HIV and those affected; and deconstructing gender-related stereotypes fueling the epidemic. As a Volunteer, you will confront the effects of HIV on a personal level. Some Volunteers will regularly meet with and work with individuals living with AIDS. Volunteers need to prepare themselves to embrace these relationships in a sensitive and positive manner. You will need to anticipate these situations and utilize supportive resources available throughout your training and service to maintain your emotional strength so you can continue to be of service to your community.

President's Malaria Initiative

The Stomp Out Malaria initiative aims at revitalizing the fight against malaria and assisting the Government of Cameroon in reducing morbidity and mortality due to the disease. Volunteers across all sectors develop and implement creative evidence-based interventions that promote behavior change among community members. Some of these interventions include bed net hang up campaigns, malaria club activities, Grassroots Soccer games, malaria murals, wall of fame projects, training of community health workers and translation of malaria prevention resources into local languages.