The Peace Corps has had 59 years of uninterrupted presence in Cameroon, beginning in 1962 with the assignment of 20 Volunteers who served as math and science teachers. Over the years, Peace Corps Cameroon’s program evolved and expanded in order to address the changing needs of the Cameroonian people. Since then, more than 3,800 Volunteers have served across Cameroon.

At this time, there are three robust projects in Cameroon: agriculture, community health, and education. The common themes that run through all projects are: impact, focus, counterpart involvement, Volunteer competence, and organizational professionalism. Through collaboration and teamwork, the Peace Corps has made a difference in many aspects of life in local communities.

We are proud of our collaboration with a wide variety of partners including government, non-government and community organizations as well international development institutions. 

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Learn more about Peace Corps' work in Cameroon by checking out our 2019-2020 Annual Report.

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