The Peace Corps entered Cameroon in 1962 with approximately 20 Volunteers who served as math and science teachers. Over the years, Peace Corps Cameroon’s program grew and diversified to include inland fisheries, credit union and cooperatives development, community forestry, health and sanitation, and youth development. Since then, more than 3,500 Volunteers have served in Cameroon.

At this time, there are three robust projects in Cameroon: agriculture, community health, and education. The common themes that run through all Peace Corps Cameroon projects are impact, focus, counterpart involvement, Volunteer competence, and organizational professionalism. Through collaboration and teamwork, the Peace Corps has made a difference in many aspects of life in Cameroon, one community at a time.

Peace Corps projects directly respond to development priorities of the Cameroonian Government. For example, the Community Health Project was recently redesigned to focus on maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation areas in order to assist Cameroon in its achievement of Millennium Development Goals.

Regardless of project area, all Volunteers in Cameroon are asked to help raise awareness about HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention, as well as support and reduce stigma for people living with HIV. All Volunteers are also expected to help “Stomp Out Malaria” in Cameroon, as part of a Peace Corps Africa Region initiative. Post collaborates with a wide variety of national and international development organizations for technical support, training, and Volunteer assignments.

Learn more about Peace Corps' work in Cameroon by checking out our most recent annual report: