Projects in Cambodia


The English Teaching and Teacher Training Project works to develop the English language and critical thinking skills of Cambodian students, teachers and community members to help them gain access to personal, professional, and academic opportunities. Volunteers teach at Upper and Lower Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Centers. Volunteers co-teach with a Cambodian national teacher. This practice benefits the students and enhances the Cambodian teachers’ language capacity and builds their technical classroom skills. Volunteers share modern teaching practices, help design and deliver lessons, build communicative English language skills and introduce effective classroom management techniques.

Feed the Future

Food security practices are interwoven throughout our Health and Education projects. Adoption of healthy behaviors is a primary goal of our Health project. One way Volunteers address this is by focusing on mothers and children to educate them on the importance of nutrition and food preparation. Volunteers and their counterparts install and manage community, school and home-based gardens that community members use to improve nutrition and access to healthy food in their communities.


Peace Corps Cambodia's Community Health Education project aims to assist Cambodian individuals and communities, particularly women and children, to improve their overall health and well-being and increase their capacity to address health-related issues. Volunteers work with health center staff, Village Health Volunteers, and schools to build the capacity of people to address their health needs. Volunteers work in the areas of maternal and child health, water and sanitation, nutrition and gardening, reproductive health and non-communicable diseases.