Application Process

Your application is the first step toward the experience of a lifetime.

Video overview

Learn all about the application process. In addition, talk to a recruiter before you apply for insights into the process and help strengthening your application.

Legal and medical clearances are also key factors in selection.

  1. Select

    Search current openings and apply to the one that best suits your skills and interest, or apply to where you are needed most and we’ll select the position that best suits your skills.

    Search openings
  2. Apply

    You can only have one active Peace Corps Volunteer application. Filling out the application is fast and easy, taking about an hour to complete. Read the FAQs.

  3. Health History

    Provide your health history so we can understand your individual medical needs.

    Please review the important medical information for applicants.

  4. Interview

    If selected, interview via videoconference.

  5. Conditional Invitation

    If chosen, you’ll be conditionally invited to serve in the Peace Corps pending medical and legal clearances.

  6. Medical and Legal Clearance

    Provide additional medical and legal information. Our medical team will certify that medical support for your specific needs can be provided.

    Upon receiving your medical and legal clearances, you are cleared to serve.

  7. Onboarding

    Two months prior to service you’ll complete the online documentation required for departure.

  8. Departure

    Embark on your Peace Corps service assignment!

    More about Preparation & Training