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Stories From Albania and Montenegro

Cultivating Global Harmony: Reflections from a Peace Corps Teacher in Albania

Kids celebrating

Before teaching in Peace Corps, I knew that being a teacher, especially in the U.S., wasn't a walk in the park. It's definitely a profession where it's necessary to have a passion for educating the next generation. After a year in country, I feel like this applies to not only the teachers in the U.S. but all over the world. On International Teachers Day I wanted to thank the teachers who guided me on my K-12 educational journey.

TO: Mrs. Alainey, Ms. Hoover, Ms. Urbaez, Mrs. Calvin, Mr. Farmer, and Mr. Young Thank you for seeing the potential in my class and challenging us to do more than just the bare minimum, for checking-in and talking to us when we weren’t being ourselves, and for always finding was to make learning fun and engaging.


As a middle school teacher now, I see myself and my classmates in the classes I teach and that drives me to give this opportunity my all. To my counterpart and fellow teachers, you all make a huge difference! I know it doesn’t feel like it every day and it may not be something that can be immediately seen or felt, but it's a seed that will bloom in time. I'm so happy to be working with such dedicated educators.