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Projects in Ukraine


Peace Corps’ Ukraine Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) project provides opportunities for teacher professional development, promotes learner-centered methods and inclusive and competence-based learning through teacher capacity building, the opportunity to practice communicative teaching methods and critical thinking in the classroom.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU) considers English proficiency as a key factor to building a modern society that can meet the challenges of globalization and to providing a productive future for their youth.

The Virtual Service Program continues the implementation of TEFL project objectives during this challenging time for Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Today English language skills are vital for students, educators, and professionals in all spheres of life. The traditions of sharing knowledge and friendship generously planted by TEFL Volunteers during 30 years of successful cooperation and positive experience in Ukraine continue to grow and flourish thanks to VSPPs who offer Ukrainian teachers and students an inspiring journey of English language learning, American culture exposure, opportunities for personal growth, and unforgettable experiences. Together, we have created a virtual community where learning knows no bounds and dreams become a reality.

Teachers and students look forward to future insightful, inclusive, and instructive virtual support and exciting cooperative opportunities with the VSPPs making a difference together. Your passion and enthusiasm have inspired us all.

Community Economic Development

The Community Economic Development project focuses on organizational capacity building, project design and management, and partnerships. Plus, a little fun.

Our clients are mostly local governments and nonprofits. They are always grateful for the personal and professional experience American Virtual Service Pilot Participants share.

As many Ukrainians are currently serving to bring peace to their land, the Virtual Service Pilot offers you a chance to serve virtually for as many weeks as you and your host country partner want, and bring true meaning to the Peace Corps’ mission, which is peace and friendship.

Just let the Peace Corps know when you are ready. We will take care of the rest.

Youth in Development

At the heart of our Youth Development program is the desire to see young Ukrainians thrive as they transition into adulthood, equipped with tools they need to lead healthy, productive, and civically engaged lives. We also actively engage with youth service providers to build their capacity in effectively implementing Youth Development program activities.

Currently, we implement our activities through the Virtual Service Pilot. Our clients are schools, vocational technical colleges, youth centers, extracurricular centers, and youth-focused non-governmental organizations. We’re grateful for personal and professional connection with American Virtual Service Participants!

Are you ready to be part of something bigger? Do you have a passion to empower young people in Ukraine to develop their potential and build a better Ukraine?

We open our arms, our hearts, our doors, and our minds to You. We invite you to join the Peace Corps Ukraine Youth Development Project as a Virtual Service Pilot Participant. Let's connect!

President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Make a difference in Ukraine while working from your home or office in the United States. Join a team of passionate and dedicated US professionals who cooperate with Ukrainian HIV-service NGOs to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic and support vulnerable people and communities virtually. Peace Corps offers you the opportunity to become a part of an innovative form of service, i.e., the Virtual Service Pilot.

Our team of Americans and Ukrainians focuses on organizational capacity building, including teaching business English to HIV-service NGO staff, project design and management, and creating local and global partnerships between the US and Ukrainian NGOs.

If you want to be part of the international community of mission-driven people making a positive difference in the realm of HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, let the Peace Corps know that you are ready.

Ukraine is calling. Thank you for answering the call!