Projects in Ukraine


The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) project develops the English language skills of Ukrainian students and teachers. Volunteers work as English teachers and English teacher trainers, bringing resources and methodologies to the Ukrainian educational system and fostering teacher-to-teacher links to promote the exchange of information on the best teaching methods.

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Volunteer Questionnaire | Анкета для запрошення волонтера

Community Economic Development

Community Development Volunteers work primarily at non-governmental and charitable organizations (NGOs) but also at local municipalities, libraries, museums in partnership with local government bodies, businesses, and educational institutions. They promote social and economic development at the grass-root level. Volunteers’ goals are to increase the capacity of individual community members and service providers, to assist local institutions in achieving organizational sustainability, and to foster cross-sector cooperation between NGOs, government entities and private enterprises.

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Host Family Questionnaire | Анкета приймаючих родин

Project Concept | Концепція проекту

Youth in Development

Peace Corps Ukraine’s Youth Development (YD) Project was developed in order to provide the Ukrainian youth from underserved communities with knowledge and skills necessary for healthy and meaningful lives in Ukrainian society and their successful integration into global community.

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