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If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

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About Tonga

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Peace Corps Volunteer Request Forms for Two-Year Volunteers and Response Volunteers

Peace Corps Tonga Volunteer Request Form - English Version - use this form to submit a request for a Volunteer for your school and community.

Peace Corps Tonga Volunteer Request Form - Tongan Version - faka’aonga’i e foomu ko ’eniˊ ke fakahū mai ‘aki ha kole ki ha Tokotaha Ngāue’ofa ki ho ‘apiakoˊ mo e koloˊ.

Volunteer Request Form Instructions Guide - English Version - follow this instruction guide to properly complete the Peace Corps Tonga Volunteer Request Form.

Volunteer Request Forms Instructions Guide - Tongan Version - muimui ‘i he fakahinohino ko ‘eni ke fakakakato ‘i he founga totonu ‘a e Foomu Kole Ngāue’ofa ‘a e Peace Corps Tongaˊ.

Interested in working with a Peace Corps Response Volunteer? Complete Section 1 of the Peace Corps Response Position Description Template and submit to Peace Corps Tonga for a collaborative review. You can also use this helpful Checklist for Partner Organizations and refer to the Peace Corps Response FAQ. Reach out to [email protected] for further information.

Find out more about Peace Corps Tonga's current Education project with our English Language Development Project Info Sheet. The ELDP will first begin implementation in 2023 and continue through 2030 with an estimated 190 Volunteers serving over the eight year project life cycle across all island groups in Tonga.

Peace Corps Tonga Annual Report 2021-2022

Peace Corps Tonga is excited to share our Peace Corps Tonga Annual Report 2021-2022. A big thank you to all of our partners here in Tonga including the Ministry of Education and Training Tonga , the Free Wesleyan Church Education Office and all of our other mission school partners, and our partners throughout the communities of Tonga that have collaborated with Peace Corps Tonga and throughout the history of Peace Corps in Tonga. Additionally, we would like to express our thanks to the many individuals and organizations that have partnered with us over the past year and more. Our work is only possible through the partnerships and collaboration with school staff and community members and we are ever so appreciative for the continued support. The stories included in this report represent these partners and while there are many, many more we hope that this report provides an excellent look for everyone to see the collaborative work between Tonga and the Peace Corps. Fakamālō lahi atu kiate kimoutolu!

‘Oku loto māfana ‘a e Peace Corps Tongaˊ ke vahevahe atu ‘a ‘emau Fakamatala Ngāue Fakata’u ‘o e 2021 – 2022ˊ. ‘Oku ‘oatu e fakamālō lahi ki homau ngaahi hoa ngāue ‘i Tongaˊ ‘oku kau ki ai ‘a e Potungāue Akoˊ, ‘Ofisi Ako ‘o e Siasi Uesiliana ‘o Tongaˊ, pea mo e kātoa ho mau ngaahi hoa ngāue ‘i he ngaahi ako’anga misiona keheˊ, ngaahi hoa ngāue ‘i he ngaahi kulupu kehekehe ‘i Tonga na’a nau fengāue’aki fakataha mo e Peace Corps Tongaˊ talu mei hono kamata mai ‘o e kautaha Peace Corps ‘i Tongaˊ. Tānaki atu kiaiˊ ‘oku mau fie fakahā heni ‘a ‘emau fakamālō loto hounga’ia ki he taautaha tokolahi pea ki he ngaahi kautaha ne mau fetākinima mai ‘i he ta’u kuo maliu atuˊ pehē ki he ngaahi ta’u kuohili angeˊ. ‘Oku malava ke fakahoko homau fatongiaˊ tu’unga ‘i he fetākinima mo e fengāue’aki fakataha pea mo e kau faiako ‘o e ngaahi ako’angaˊ pehē ki he kau mēmipa ‘o e ngaahi kulupuˊ, pea ‘oku mau hounga’ia aipē ‘i ho’omou ngaahi poupouˊ. Ko e ngaahi talanoa ‘oku fakakau ‘i he fakamatala ngāueˊ ni ‘oku ne fakafofonga’i ‘a e kau hoa ngāueˊ pea neongo ‘oku kei toe lahi ange ‘a e ngaahi talanoaˊ, ka ‘oku mau ‘amanaki ko e fakamatala ngāue ko ‘eniˊ ‘oku ne ‘oatu ‘a e fakafofonga fungani ma’a e vakai ‘a e taha kotoa ki he fengāue’aki lelei ‘i he vaha’a ‘o Tonga pea mo e Peace Corps.

A Day in the Life Volunteer Phoebe Nishimoto shares a day in the life in Tonga. This video was submitted for the 2019 Peace Corps Week Video Challenge.

Friends of Tonga Friends of Tonga exists to promote initiatives that target human, environmental, and financial development in the Kingdom of Tonga; to coordinate aid and relief in response to disasters or crises and to serve as a community for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), members of Tonga-based aid organizations and Tongans.

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