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Projects in Timor-Leste

Community Economic Development

In 2018, Peace Corps Timor-Leste relaunched the Community Development project into the Community Economic Development (CED) project.  This change was made to better meet the requested needs of Timorese communities.  CED Volunteers work to:

  • Improve the capacity of community members in personal money management and financial literacy
  • Support the development of income generation and entrepreneurial activities
  • Improve basic employability skills
  • Strengthen organizational project design and management practices

Volunteers live and work in rural communities assisting women’s groups, youth groups,  and community leaders.


At the request of the Government of Timor-Leste, in 2018 Peace Corps Timor-Leste will introduce the English Education project.  Living in rural communities, English Education Volunteers will work in secondary schools and:

  • Co-teach English classes with Timorese English teachers
  • Strengthen the teaching skills and language proficiency of English teachers
  • Strengthen English language proficiency among students
  • Increase student engagement in formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Strengthen community support of school activities
  • Enhance classroom materials and resources