How to submit a strong expression of interest for virtual service

By Peace Corps
May 26, 2022

It’s important to dedicate time and effort when applying to your dream job – the same can be said for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a Peace Corps Virtual Service opportunity.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd by following our insider tips below.

1. Review the virtual engagement thoroughly.

All engagements are 5-15 hours per week for 12-27 weeks. Can you commit to the number of weeks listed for up to 15 hours per week? If you have any outside obligation that would significantly interfere, consider browsing virtual opportunities for a shorter option. Do you feel like you are well-equipped to support the partner’s project? If yes, jot down the tasks listed in the engagement that you have prior experience completing.

Each SoVE also lists essential and desired qualifications – everything from education and technical skills to experience and motivation. Write down your qualifications.

Please note that SoVEs include the host country partner’s preferred meeting time and digital platform(s) under the engagement and tasks section. You are eligible to receive a one-time $250 stipend to cover start-up costs, such as a pro Zoom account or microphone. It’s important to consider the time zone differences as you will need to meet during the partner’s normal business hours.

2. Tailor your resume.

Once you have identified SoVE components relevant to your education and experience, it’s time to customize your resume to highlight the most relevant experience and education

For instance, if the SoVE states the selected Virtual Service Pilot Participant (VSPP) will “assist educators with teaching English literacy, reading, and comprehension,” and you have these skills from current or previous experience, make sure they are clearly reflected in your resume. The extra effort will help clarify your qualifications to the virtual service team who are reviewing resumes to make selections.

3. Provide thoughtful and detailed answers.

To further understand your background and interest in Peace Corps virtual service, the expression of interest form includes three brief (1,500 characters max) prompts. This is a perfect opportunity to highlight your previous experience and stress your excitement over the open engagement.

These writing prompts are:

  • Describe your technical skills, experience, and education in the areas outlined in the essential and desired qualifications section.
  • Virtual service requires strong intercultural skills, such as flexibility, strong cross-cultural agility, high tolerance for ambiguity, ability to work independently, resourcefulness, and creativity. Describe how you have demonstrated these traits in your work.
  • What motivates you to express interest in this engagement, virtual service, and/or donating time to Peace Corps?

Pro tip: Give specific examples! Rather than just state that you have the skills outlined, show us. How have you displayed these skills in a previous or current role? What specifically makes you excited to be part of Virtual Service?

4. Provide a professional reference.

Our team will email the reference you provide by email. Make sure you let your reference know to look for an email from the virtual service team and to check their spam folder after submitting your expression of interest.

As always, if you have any additional questions when expressing interest, contact us at [email protected].

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