North Macedonia

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Projects in North Macedonia

Community Economic Development

The Community Development project improves the organizational and management skills of local organizations to implement activities and programs that address local needs. Volunteers work with a wide variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, municipalities, community groups, and community members. Special attention is paid to supporting work with youth (in and out of school), people with disabilities, women, and disadvantaged groups.

Volunteers work with their colleagues to develop mission statements and strategic plans; increase the use and value of information technology; increase interaction, communication and networks between NGOs, municipalities, and local resources; and develop broader knowledge of project planning, implementation and evaluation. They also work on projects designed to motivate youth and promote tolerance and equal opportunities for underrepresented populations.


Peace Corps North Macedonia implements the English and Inclusive Education program in collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Science of North Macedonia, as well as other agencies and organizations dedicated to improving educational opportunities. The program has two goals, one is designed to address English language learning of students, teachers and community members and improve teaching methodologies and practices, and the other is focused on improving inclusive education practices in the public schools.

English Education (TEFL)

Volunteers are assigned to collaborate with the local English Teachers and are demonstrating new teaching methodologies and activities; develop supplemental materials for English Language classes; engage in team teaching to plan and present lessons; and make effective use of information technology and internet provided at schools. They also develop English language centered extracurricular activities such as English clubs, drama clubs, and summer camps.

Inclusive Education

Volunteers that are working on the Inclusive Education portion of the project, are paired with the Special Educators in the schools, and are tasked to co-train teachers on inclusive education, coach teachers to apply inclusive teaching practices in the classroom, model appropriate use of inclusive methodologies and coach teachers and staff to work with parents to include them in the educational process of their student with special needs.