Peace Corps Morocco is seeking to engage the local market on the requirements listed below.

Homestay Coordinator

Peace Corps Morocco is seeking two (02) Homestay Coordinators who will be responsible for identifying families to host a Peace Corps trainee for the duration of community-based training (CBT), and help identify appropriate CBT sites for incoming Trainees based on homestay and CBT selection criteria. The Homestay Coordinator is a key position in identifying families for the Pre-Service Training (PST). Staff in this position ensures the wellbeing of Trainees in their homestays throughout the PST. He/she works closely with the Training Team and assists with different tasks to ensure smooth operations of training.

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All applications must be received by May 1, 2019.

Regional Manager

The United States Peace Corps is seeking a Regional Manager. The Regional Manager (RM) has the primary responsibility for the success of the Peace Corps youth development program in their assigned region. The RM ensures that the communities where American Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) live and work are appropriately prepared to receive a Volunteer, and help Volunteers to become self-sufficient, secure, and productive. The RM monitors Volunteer performance in regards to their work, cultural adaptation, and language acquisition, and remains in regular contact with relevant Moroccan authorities in the assigned region.

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All applications must be received by May 10, 2019.