Kyrgyz Republic

Projects in Kyrgyz Republic


Volunteers in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) sector primarily build the capacity of English teachers through team-teaching English in secondary schools and universities. The focus is on the communicative methodology and building creative and critical thinking skills.  TEFL Volunteers provide assistance to their schools and communities in establishing or expanding English teaching resources, contributing to curriculum development, and production of innovative teaching materials. TEFL Volunteers serve as regular members of the teaching faculty in their schools, with a workload comprised of co-teaching, lesson planning and clubs for 36 hours per week.

The Volunteers are also involved in extracurricular activities such as conducting other clubs, computer training, and youth development. Since inception in 1993, 600+ TEFL Volunteers have served as teachers at 200 secondary schools and 15 universities.

Youth in Development

In 2017 we will begin the first step in preparing for a Community Youth Development (CYD) sector. We begin by partnering with the Ministry of Education and Science to pilot 4 extended Volunteers in Enactus University Teams ( to support the following goals:

  • Professional Skills Development of University Students - employability, entrepreneurship, computer literacy, English literacy, financial literacy.
  • Capacity Development of Enactus Teams - building skills in organizational development of Academic Advisors and Team Captains to sustain their organizations and activities.

Volunteers in the CYD sector primarily focus on providing direct services and support to youth entrepreneurial programs; building the capacity of university team students on professional and entrepreneurship skills, as well as building the capacity of the Team’s service providers to sustain the organization and activities. 

The Volunteers are also involved in extracurricular activities such as strengthening the network for youth, collaboration and partnership with other youth organizations, conducting English clubs, computer training and individual professional development consultations. Stay tuned for future developments.