Projects in Kenya

Community Economic Development

Small-Enterprise Development/Information Communication Technology (SED/ICT)

Since launching the SED/ICT project in 1992, Volunteers in this sector have worked with their Kenyan counterparts to address opportunities and challenges facing entrepreneurs in the small business sector. These problems include low levels of business skills (e.g., recordkeeping, determining material costs, pricing, etc.) and limited access to credit and markets. With increased challenges posed by slowed economic growth, Volunteers work closely with stakeholders to address broader national concerns like poverty alleviation, employment creation, and capacity-building. The technical skills provided by Volunteers include promoting income-generating activities, strengthening business management and marketing linkages, operating credit plans, enhancing basic computer literacy, and using information technology in various aspects of health and education.


Peace Corps Kenya’s education project places Volunteer teachers in both government and public secondary schools. Volunteers teach biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics and they work with their Kenyan colleagues to develop innovative teaching techniques in resource-poor environments. In addition, the Peace Corps participates in Kenya’s deaf education program. It provides Volunteer teachers in primary deaf education schools to work with children in developing basic life skills and proficiency in Kenyan Sign Language.

Education Volunteers also engage their students, teachers, and communities in HIV education programs that enhance knowledge, prevention of new infections, destigmatization of HIV/AIDS, and positive living for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWA).


Peace Corps Kenya’s public health project was initiated in 1976 as a water and sanitation project and was renamed in 2000. The purpose of the project is to help youth maintain safe reproductive health behaviors, especially in light of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and to improve the quality of life of households and communities affected by other infectious and water-borne diseases and health problems caused by inadequate domestic and community environmental hygiene. Peace Corps public health Volunteers assist the Ministry of Public Health in the development and implementation of activities that respond to needs of Kenyan communities for HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental health, hygiene promotion, and malaria control and preven​