Projects in Kenya


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Volunteers working with youth at a community health and sports event.

Peace Corps plays a critical role with Volunteers working with youth leaders, clinical service providers, and community influencers to promote health and well-being and accelerate the reduction of maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent morbidity and mortality. Volunteers would encourage accelerator behaviors - each of which impacts a major cause of maternal, newborn and/or child mortality by leveraging their knowledge, skills and attitudes coupled with training to live and work in under-served communities, They are uniquely positioned to team up with community health workers in improving the reach and quality of services to the most vulnerable e.g. closing the gap in childhood immunization coverage, addressing adolescent reproductive health needs, and designing training for behavior change and health education delivery.

Additionally, Volunteers can promote a wide range of health services for PLHIV along with healthy childcare, pregnancy, and newborn practices and train individuals on techniques and other measures to prevent transmission of HIV. Volunteers are effective working at the household level via local community organizations, DREAMS Implementing Partners (IPs) and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), to reach the highest-risk populations promoting behavior change communication and youth-friendly services, demand creation for health services – including those that are youth-friendly and gender-equitable, and stigma and discrimination reduction towards PLHIV in health services provision.