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Projects in Jamaica


The Primary Literacy Project has been created to bolster the government of Jamaica's efforts to meet its vision of having all students at the primary level of the education system literate. The three goals of the project are:

  1. To assist primary schools students, especially those who are performing below grade level, to develop an interest in literacy; improve academic performance and strengthen life skills.
  2. To assist primary schools teachers to increase their use of effective practices in classroom management; instructional planning and preparation; lesson delivery and assessment practices to facilitate student learning and provide continued advancement in literacy.
  3. To increase engagement of parents in activities that support and promote literacy of their primary school aged children.


The Agriculture project (Sustainable Agriculture & Livelihoods Initiative/SALI) seeks to enhance the ability of Jamaicans to engage in sustainable natural resource management.

The Volunteers in the SALI project work with Community Based Organizations, Government and Non-Governmental organizations to enhance the ability of Jamaicans in rural communities to achieve sustainable livelihoods and resilience to environmental shocks and stresses.

This goal will be achieved through the following objectives:

Project Objectives

  1. Increase the capacity of farmers to improve the diversity, productivity, and/or sustainability of their agricultural production (climate smart agriculture)
  2. Increase the capacity of farmers to generate agriculture-related income.
  3. Strengthen the capacity of agriculture focused organizations to achieve their mission.