Projects in Guyana


In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Peace Corps is working with students, teachers and parents to improve primary literacy. Working in Grades 1-4 in select primary schools across Guyana, Volunteers teach children to read, collaborate with teachers to explore ways to teach more effectively, enhance the learning environment through development of resource materials and classroom libraries, and work with PTAs and other parent groups to help adults learn how to help children learn.


In cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Public Health, Peace Corps is working with secondary schools, youth-friendly health facilities, parents and communities to help raise a new generation of youth with a healthy outlook on the future. Activities include supporting youth in clubs and camps, building teachers’ capacity to deliver the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) curriculum, supporting health workers to deliver youth-friendly services, and helping parents and caregivers support adolescents.


In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Presidency Department of Environment, Peace Corps is working with teachers, students, and community members to teach science more effectively, stimulate a love of nature, and empower youth to be environmental leaders.  Activities include teaching classroom and outdoor environmental education, co-facilitating afterschool wildlife club activities, and collaborating with communities to raise awareness and address local environmental issues.