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Projects in Fiji

Community Economic Development

Brainstorming and prioritizing community interests

The Community Economic Empowerment Project (CEEP) places Volunteers in rural, iTaukei (indigenous) villages throughout Fiji to support the nation’s goal of inclusive socioeconomic growth.

After several months focused on community integration and local language skills, Volunteers and community counterparts collaboratively engage three primary areas of work:

  • Project design and management: Supporting community groups—particularly women’s and youth groups—enhance their ability to lead successful projects.
  • Income-generating activities: Supporting individuals and families as they turn their talents and resources into profitable businesses.
  • Personal money management: Supporting individuals and families stabilize their budgets and build toward future goals by mastering financial literacy skills.

In each of these areas, Volunteers work with local counterparts to plan and facilitate participatory learning activities, such as community workshops. Together, Volunteers and counterparts then use coaching skills to support community members as they apply their newly bolstered abilities.

At every step, the CEEP emphasizes collaborative and sustainable work focused on community learning, with each community defining the priorities of importance to them.