Projects in Fiji


The Community Health Empowerment Project focuses on health education and capacity-building activities.Volunteers work in four broad areas:

  • Non-Communicable Disease Prevention: promoting healthy lifestyles and reduction of major risk factors, which include smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity.
  • Improved Maternal and Child Health: promoting the health of mothers and infants. This includes promotion of exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months and prevention and control of childhood illnesses.
  • Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases: promoting behavior change to reduce risks of communicable diseases such HIV/AIDS and diseases related to poor water and sanitation practices.
  • Capacity Building and System Strengthening: empowering health-care providers and community members to promote wellness.
This project will phase out at the end of 2016.

Youth in Development

The Community Youth Empowerment Project focuses on behavior change promotion and capacity-building activities to empower youth to live more healthy lives, make healthy decisions, and gain access to programs that support positive youth development.

Depending on community need, Volunteers may work in several settings, including schools, communities, district government offices, or youth training centers. Activities may include:

  • Implementing health programming for schools and life skills training for at-risk youth
  • Training and supporting youth to implement community projects around self-identified topics
  • Providing training for teachers, community health workers, and community members to engage youth
  • Facilitating discussions for parents, caregivers, and service providers to increase their knowledge of health and wellness
  • Encouraging environmental awareness in communities, including improving water, sanitation, and hygiene practices