Speakers Match

The Speakers Match program is at the heart of fulfilling the Peace Corps' Third Goal—to increase Americans' understanding of other peoples and cultures.

How it works

After registering with Speakers Match, we will provide you with contact information for participating returned Peace Corps Volunteers in your area. Then, you can contact a returned Volunteer directly and request a speaking session. There is no fee to participate.


Returned Volunteers carry a wealth of stories, experiences, and life lessons from their time living and working abroad. The Speakers Match program allows Americans to experience different countries, cultures, and traditions through the eyes of a Peace Corps Volunteer living and working with locals in their country of service. 

Returned Volunteers involved in the Speakers Match program open the eyes of your audience to customs, beliefs, and adventures many have never imagined. They may even serve as inspiration for future Peace Corps Volunteers.

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Prepare for a visit

Please be sure to read our Speakers Match Handbook prior to the returned Peace Corps Volunteer’s visit. It includes tips and suggestions for planning a successful visit. World Wise Schools offers many resources that can enrich your students’ cross-cultural awareness and communications skills either before or after a returned Peace Corps Volunteer’s visit.

I am so happy that Deborah came to the class. She is a dynamic and effective speaker. She came prepared with videos and slideshows and showed an innate ability to speak with and engage my admittedly reluctant audience. I can't wait to hopefully have her come again.

- Brian Episcopo, high school teacher, Texas