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The application process begins by selecting a service model and finding an open position.

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If you are flexible in where you serve for the two-year Peace Corps Volunteer program, our experts can match you with a position and country based on your experience and preferences.

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Global Connections

Global Connections is at the heart of fulfilling the Peace Corps' Third Goal—to increase Americans' understanding of other peoples and cultures. We believe that teachers and other educators play a big role in this introduction.

Open the world to your students

Through the Global Connections program, teachers, educators, youth development leaders, clubs, camps, and community groups can establish communication with a member of the Peace Corps network who can help to create connections with a global community, share their story of service, and facilitate intercultural exchanges.

These exchanges can help introduce learners to new world languages and cultures, promote empathy and intercultural understanding, and build global citizenship.

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Peace Corps Volunteers in every region of the world work side-by-side with local community members. Together, their stories, projects, and experiences can provide views of cultures not usually accessible through textbooks, films, and other media. After service, Returned Volunteers bring home a wealth of stories, experiences, and life lessons to their communities from their time living and serving abroad.

The Global Connections program allows learners to learn about different countries, cultures, and traditions by introducing them to customs, beliefs, and service journeys many have never considered. These connections inspire global competency in the classroom and beyond and give students a preview into the Peace Corps experience.


Submit a request form, including specific details of how you would like to connect to a Volunteer or Returned Volunteer. You will be contacted directly with more information to facilitate the connection. If you have already identified a specific current or Returned Volunteer with whom you would like to connect, enter their name and country of service in the Details about Connection box in the request form.


There are many ways to interact. Volunteers and Peace Corps staff members who participate in exchanges will work with their local community and you to shape the relationship that works best for everyone. This might include exchanging pictures or letters, writing a blog post, or giving an in-person or virtual presentation. Once contact is made, you can work together to determine the specific time commitment and expectations for the connection.

If you are planning a virtual or in-person presentation, visit the Global Connections Presentations best practices page to prepare for the event. The Global Connections program also offers resources to enrich students’ intercultural awareness and communications skills either before or after an engagement.

Request a connection

Open up the world to your students by requesting a connection with a current or Returned Volunteer.