Global Connections

Global Connections allows educators and Peace Corps Volunteers to connect directly to bring global perspectives to any learning environment.

Please note: Peace Corps has temporarily suspended the Global Connections program until further notice.

To connect with a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, see the Speakers Match program to connect virtually.


There are Peace Corps Volunteers in every region of the world working at the grassroots level. Their stories, projects, and experiences can provide firsthand views of cultures not usually accessible through textbooks, films, and other familiar media.


Educators submit a Request Form, including specific details of how they would like to connect to a Volunteer. Volunteers interested in participating in the activity will contact the educator directly. If you have already identified a Volunteer, enter their name and country of service in the Details about Connection box on the Request Form.


There are many ways to interact. You might exchange pictures or letters, facilitate a webchat, or write a blog together. Once contact is made, you can work together to determine the specific time commitment and expectations of your connection.

I encourage every single one of you from grade K to 12, please connect with the Peace Corps and a Volunteer who's in the field. The relationship can be as simple as a monthly email. It’s free, and you can do amazing things in your classroom to encourage global education.

Audra S., Global history and geography mentor teacher, Rochester, N.Y.