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The Peace Corps Partnership Program funds community-led projects around the world. Donate to a project, or give to the Global Fund and we'll send your money where it's needed most.
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  • Let Girls Learn
The our village is situated in the Leribe district in Northwest Lesotho. Students in this school are mainly boys. This is guaranteed by the fact that out of 198 learners of the school, only 73 of the number are girls. This means that only 36 percent of students are girls ...
  • Let Girls Learn
This is a small high school in rural Lesotho, with few modifications since is founding in 1979. Student enrollment has decreased in recent years as a result of few facilities and low test scores. This project is intended to meet these needs by transforming a former classroom turned storeroom to ...
  • Community Growth
The Local Secondary School is the only post-primary school in the area. Currently, the Secondary School hosts Form A, B, and C students, but does not offer Forms D and E (similar to grades 11 and 12 in the US), which are necessary to graduate from high school. Students who ...
  • Water & Sanitation
Makhobalo High School is the center of the community of the Pela-Tsoeu constituency. Although the school grounds have the ability to host up to 5000 or more people at one time, our facilities cannot. This restricts the school’s ability adequately host major events, but unfortunately it does not stop ...
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