Director's Welcome

We hope that our website gives you some insight into the fantastic work our Peace Corps Volunteers, staff and counterparts are doing together here in the Kingdom of Wonder.
Parmer Heacox, Country Director
Parmer Heacox, Senior Advisor

We also hope you come away from these pages with some additional insight into this intriguing and beautiful country, its complicated history and bright future. It is a privilege to work and live here, where so many opportunities for making a difference exist, where the people are warm and welcoming, and where there is so much to learn about human resilience.

Cambodia has a proud and ancient history and the legacy of the Angkor Kingdom shines most brightly in Siem Reap, home to Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. Tales of the rise and fall of Kings and vast Kingdoms abound in Cambodian lore. In modern times however, Cambodia’s story has been a tragic one, defined by the Khmer Rouge era, replete with destruction and suffering unparalleled in living memory. Yet, the true story of Cambodia lies elsewhere -- in the enduring spirit of its people, in its children who are reaching for the future, and in the rich culture Cambodians have struggled to reclaim and rebuild after years of conflict and genocide.

Volunteers serving here are fortunate to be part of that story, participating in the daily lives of people who are defying the darkness of the recent past and choosing a brighter future. Living with Cambodian host families, our Volunteers enjoy an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in community and family life, exchange culture with friends and colleagues and contribute to the change happening all around us. As one of the few Peace Corps programs in the world where Volunteers live with host families throughout their service, Cambodia presents a uniquely rich opportunity for cultural exchange and integration.

We invite you to join us and share in the story of this amazing, complex, fascinating and enchanting place. Before long you will understand why Cambodia is aptly nicknamed The Kingdom of Wonder.

Parmer Heacox
Senior Advisor
Peace Corps Cambodia
Peace Corps Ecuador Volunteer 1982-1985