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Projects in Botswana


Peace Corps Botswana partners with the Government of Botswana to address some of the most pressing needs in Botswana. Botswana has made significant achievements in previous years through its strong health care programs; however, it is important to maintain these gains. The Government of Botswana has committed to revitalizing primary health care, changing mindsets and ensuring individual and community-centered approaches to empowering individuals, families, and communities. In Botswana, 60% of the population is considered youthful, and keeping youth healthy is essential. Peace Corps Botswana’s HIV/AIDS and Youth Health and Well-being Project is designed to support youth in Botswana effectively lead healthy, HIV-free lives by 2030. The project works with community healthcare workers, community-based officer, nurses, social workers and project officer at non-governmental organizations, clinics and the District AIDS Coordinating offices to address three major objectives.

1. Increase the knowledge and skills of youth to improve their health and remain HIV-free.

2. Improve treatment adherence and general health and well-being for youth and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS.

3. Strengthen facility and community primary health care for effective youth-friendly services.

As a Volunteer under Botswana’s HIV/AIDS and Youth Health and Wellbeing project, one is expected to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, initiative, and innovation. This is due to the Peace Corps community participatory approach and the nature of your workplace, work is done with the Government of Botswana through the Ministry of Health and National AIDS and Health Promotion Agency (NAHPA), at either a health clinic, post, or non-governmental organization (NGO)/civil society organization (CSO) in rural, semi-rural, and semi-urban communities through Botswana. Government of Botswana recognizes CSOs as a comparative partner to government as they form part of the community and can be in hard-to-reach populations.

Community Economic Development

Volunteers work with local entrepreneurs, cooperatives, community organizations, local government entities who work under the Community Development project, and Vocational Education and Training institutions to provide technical support in areas such as basic business skills, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy. The Community Economic Development project goal is that communities achieve economic growth and security in a way that addresses existing economic inequities through strengthening individuals’ (especially youth and women) livelihoods and management of small-scale economic activities. Our partners are the Ministry of Local Government – Department of Social Development, Community Based Organizations, and Vocational Education and Training Institutions.


Volunteers work in schools to support guidance and other teachers and staff in implementing a leadership and life skills decision-making curriculum that focuses on keeping students HIV negative. Volunteers co-teach classes, co-facilitate after-school clubs, strengthen teachers’ skills and work with staff to create a safe educational environment.

Our dedicated Volunteers collaborate with local schools to empower students and enhance their academic and life skills. By working alongside teachers, volunteers co-teach classes, facilitate after-school clubs, and strengthen educators' abilities to foster learning environments that promote civic engagement. Through peer observation and modeling, Volunteers enhance general and literacy teaching skills, ensuring students receive quality education. Additionally, Volunteers engage in activities to improve digital literacy, co-teaching students and/or co-training teachers in essential technological skills.

Peace Corps Botswana proudly collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to support educational initiatives across the country. Our Volunteers are strategically placed in primary schools, working hand in hand with local educators to enhance the quality of education and foster positive learning experiences for students.

President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Volunteers work with communities across Botswana to achieve an HIV-free generation. They help build capacity within their communities by working in schools, non-governmental organizations, health clinics, and district offices.