Peace Corps Manual

These policies govern the operations of the Peace Corps and the responsibilities and conduct of Volunteers and agency employees.

Please find the Peace Corps Manual Sections below. Additional information about Peace Corps policies can be found in the Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook and Peace Corps' Code of Federal Regulations.

Interim policy statements

Content and management


Delegations of authority

Organization and functions

Eligibility and standards

Volunteer travel and transportation

Volunteer leave and allowances

Volunteer taxes, loans, debts, reimbursements

Kate Puzey Act

Health services functions

Trainee/Volunteer medical support

Volunteer/trainee safety and security

Volunteer transfers, completion of service, termination

General standards


Safety and security


Vehicles and motorcycles

Computers and information processing

Personnel policies, objectives, classification

Recruitment and appointment

Evaluation and compensation

Attendance and leave

Conditions of service

Employee-management relations

Employee training, development, incentive awards

Assignments, transfers, separations

Employee programs

Local recruitment and employment

Budget operations

Special funds and accounts


Accounting operations

Legal counsel and payment of claims

Internal controls



Inspector General

Paperwork and records