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Blue Pacific Youth Initiative

Blue Pacific Youth Initiative and Peace Corps in Samoa


The Blue Pacific Youth Initiative (BPYI) is a network of activities reinforcing Pacific youths’ role as caretakers of their ocean continent and home. Structured around five interwoven pillars, the initiative trains and mobilizes rural Pacific youth to lead their communities toward climate adaptation and resilience.

The Peace Corps launched the Blue Pacific Youth Initiative in 2023, and its staff and Volunteers spearhead activities in deep collaboration with local, national, and Pacific-wide organizations. The initiative connects and strengthens the many youth climate activities that are already catalyzing positive change in the Pacific.

The initiative's five pillars

  1. Climate literacy: Enhance localized climate resources and support youths' learning of relevant climate information
  2. Climate assessments: Train youth to assess the evolving climate-related realities and needs of their communities
  3. Climate adaptation and resilience activities: Bolster youths' ability to lead localized responses to climate vulnerabilities, from adaptation activities to disaster preparedness
  4. Camps, clubs, and networks: Expand youth networks and center climate within a variety of youth camps, clubs, and other empowerment activities
  5. Climate summits and exchanges: Elevate youth leadership development opportunities through climate summits, workshops, and international exchanges

Blue Pacific Youth Champions

Blue Pacific Youth Champions is a signature program within the Blue Pacific Youth Initiative. Crafted as a year-long academy, the program engages rural youth in cross-Pacific learning and dialogue that deepens their ability to guide communities’ climate resilience journeys and safeguard their heritage.

Through the Youth Champions program, cohorts of rural youth from participating Pacific countries travel throughout the Pacific learning climate adaptation and resilience strategies, then return to their own communities to spearhead projects and train peers to do the same.

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The Blue Pacific Youth initiative as described by youth champions from Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.