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State and Territorial Teacher Certification Benefits

Some states and territories allow people interested in obtaining a teaching certification to use Peace Corps service to meet some of the certification requirements.

Teacher certification in nearly all 50 states and territories can be pursued along two primary routes:

  • Traditional certification programs
  • Alternative certification methods

Traditional certification programs for each state require aspiring teachers to fulfill mandatory requirements at an acceptable teacher preparation program, usually hosted by an accredited college or university within that state. Acceptance of Peace Corps teaching service by a specific teacher preparation program remains at the discretion of that college or university.

Some states also offer alternative certification routes toward licensure, which frequently involve preparing a teacher portfolio.

This information was accurate as of August 7, 2023, but these regulations do change frequently. Please use the contact information provided to confirm.

Through the certificate reciprocity approach, Alabama recognizes valid professional educator certificates issued by other states, the District of Columbia, U.S. Territories, or the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) as the basis to offer professional certification in Alabama.

The certificate(s) presented must be at a degree level, in a teaching field or instructional support area, and at a grade level in which Alabama offers comparable certification.

Teaching experience will be considered by the certification program.

Alabama State Department of Education

Overview of Alabama's Educator Certification Approaches


All applicants who are new to the teaching profession or are new to teaching in Alaska must apply for Initial teacher certification.

To qualify an applicant must meet the following requirement: has never held an Alaska teacher certificate, holds a current, valid out-of-state teacher certificate (out-of-country certificate will not be accepted), that will be current and valid at the time the applicant’s contract for instructional services begins in an Alaska public school district.

This certificate will be valid for one year and can be reissued for two one-year extensions.

Teaching experience can be applied to credits depending on the program.

Types of Certificates (


Teaching experience may be applied by a school towards the necessary credits to earn a teaching license, however it varies by program.


(684) 633-5237

Peace Corps teaching experience and coursework/training of “two years of full-time teaching," can be submitted and confirmed in an official letter from the Peace Corps equivalent of a district supervisor for certification.

Certification Requirements | Arizona Department of Education (


Peace Corps service could possibly be applied towards the Provisional Professional Teaching License which is issued to an experienced professional for the purpose of teaching on a part-time or full-time basis as teacher-of-record in an Arkansas public middle and high school.

Become an Arkansas Teacher - Provisional Professional Teaching License

Division of Elementary and Secondary Education - Home page (


Peace Corps teaching experience may be accepted in lieu of the teacher preparation program requirement for the elementary (Multiple Subject Credential) or high school/middle school (Single Subject Credential).

Teaching Credential Via Peace Corps Experience (CL-535) (

(888) 921-2682

Individuals who completed teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities outside Colorado and who are applying for their first Colorado teacher license may demonstrate content competency.

Alternative Teacher License: for those that demonstrate content knowledge for the subject area they will be teaching via:

  • degree in the content area.
  • 24 semester hours of specific coursework in the content area (as verified on an official transcript); or
  • a passing score on the Colorado State Board of Education-approved PRAXIS exam.

Alternative Teacher Candidates: What You Need to Know | CDE (

Multiple Measures of Content Competency: Out-of-State Teacher Candidates | CDE


In obtaining a CT Educator certification/license, educators who have completed the equivalent of two school years of full-time teaching in the grade level and subject appropriate to the endorsement requested may waive the planned program requirement. However, all coursework, degree, testing and any experiential requirements must still be met.

“Statement of Successful Professional Experience” would have to be signed by someone in the Peace Corps. The schools taught at during the Peace Corps must be accredited schools in country of service and volunteer must have been a teacher of record at that school.


Obtaining Connecticut Educator Certification

Connecticut State Department of Education


Selected universities will count Peace Corps service towards the coursework completion requirements. Educators must have completed relevant coursework at a university.

Licensure & Certification / Educators Certification (


D.C.’s one-year provisional credential provides DC teachers with a pathway to a credential, while simultaneously requiring successful demonstration of basic skills prior to its issuance.

This credential is valid for one year from the date of issuance. It is non-renewable and available only to individuals who have never previously held an initial or a standard DC teacher credential.

Teacher Certification | osse (


Florida’s Reciprocity for out-of-state teachers and administrators offers two routes to qualify for the Professional Certificate: (1) valid standard certificate issued by another state, or (2) certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

If you no longer hold a certificate from another state or NBPTS Florida’s Temporary Certificate is the next option.

Peace Corps experience and language proficiency can also be used to demonstrate Mastery of Subject Area Knowledge or meet Subject Specialization.

Certificate Types and Requirements (

Florida Department of Education Home (

Certified Teacher or Administrator (

Subject Area Knowledge (


Peace Corps teaching experience does not apply to traditional certification; however, the state provides alternative certification routes for individuals with a bachelor’s degrees and specific expertise/experience in certain fields, including foreign language.

GaPSC - Steps to Become a Georgia Teacher



Information not available.

Guam Commission for Educator Certification


Peace Corps teaching experience can count toward certification if it is approved by a Hawaiian university overseeing the preparation program or if the RPCV previously held a license in a different state.

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board - Home


Idaho requires the completion of a teaching program before granting a license. Individual programs may accept Peace Corps service towards their requirements.

Certification & Professional Standards / SDE (


Several universities are participants of the Illinois Peace Corps Fellowship Program.

Educator Licensure (

105 ILCS 30/ Illinois Peace Corps Fellowship Program Law. (

217) 782-4321

Peace Corps teaching experience can be applied towards Indiana licensing if the RPCV already has an out-of-state license.

DOE: Home (

DOE: Educator Licensing


Teaching experience while in Peace Corps cannot be applied toward teacher licensing; you must be enrolled in a teacher preparation program.

License and Authorization Information | Iowa Board of Educational Examiners


Teaching experience while in Peace Corps cannot be applied toward teacher licensing.

Teacher Licensure (TL) (


Peace Corps Experience can be applied to Option 1 of certification: Documentation of Exceptional Work Experience for Teaching Grades P-12.

For Candidates outside of Kentucky, the state also accepts recommendations from a state approved teacher preparation program or a state-approved alternative training. Cases are evaluated on an individual basis.

CERT: Candidates Trained Through an Out-of-State Online Program (

CERT: Option 1: Exceptional Work Experience for Teaching Grades P-12 (

(502) 564-5846

Peace Corps teaching experience cannot be applied toward traditional teacher certification. If an RPCV wishes to pursue an alternate route to certification, credit for Peace Corps teaching will be based on the policies of the specific college/university overseeing the certification program.

Information for prospective teachers (

877) 453-2721

Maine provides three pathways to certification: (1) Approved Teacher Prep Program, (2) Transcript Analysis, or (3) Out of State Applicant

Applications received without having attended a formal education preparation program must have multiple transcripts with the requirements.

Individuals may receive a reciprocal professional certificate who has submitted to a criminal history background check and holds a comparable certificate in another state, the District of Columbia, a United States territory, or another country only to address the identified staffing shortage.

Certification Requirements | Department of Education (

How to Become a Maine Educator | Department of Education


Peace Corps teaching experience may be applied towards Maryland teacher certification if RPCV is previously certified from another state. In Maryland, Peace Corps service is considered equivalent to any other out of state teaching experience. If the RPCV has not been previously certified, then Peace Corps teaching experience will not count for reciprocity.

Educator Certification Types (

Routes to Initial Certification (

(410) 767-0412

Through the Massachusetts and Peace Corps Educator Licensure Initiative, RPCVs are specifically eligible to obtain an emergency license and begin a teaching career in the Commonwealth.

This emergency teaching licenses are valid for one calendar year and can be extended for up to an additional two years by demonstrating progress towards getting a non-emergency license.

License Types and Validity - Office of Educator Licensure (

obtain-ma-educator-license.docx (


Teacher licensure requires completion of a Michigan teacher preparation program at a particular college or university. Credit for RPCV would depend on the decision of that college/university, which may accept experience in lieu of student teaching, but on a case- by-case basis including the fast-track program.

Educator Certification (

(517) 241-5000

Peace Corps experience may be used to meet requirements depending on the tier of the license being applied for and the details of the volunteer’s service.

Licensure Requirements / Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) (

(651) 539-4200

Mississippi teacher certification does not credit Peace Corps service, but it may be possible to negotiate some credit in an alternative route program through a specific college/university.

Alternate Route Programs | The Mississippi Department of Education (

(601) 359-3483

Peace Corps teaching experience is not creditable toward licensure in Missouri.

Routes to Certification | Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (

(573) 751-4212

Peace Corps teaching experience is not creditable toward licensure in Montana.

Educator Licenses (

(406) 994-4761

Peace Corps teaching service is not creditable as the Department of Education accepts only teacher experience in the Department of Defense (DOD) or in an American approved school.

Teaching Certificates – Nebraska Department of Education

402) 471-2295

Experience credit for Peace Corps service would be up to the discretion of the college/university overseeing education credits or the teacher certification program.

Nevada Department of Education (


If Peace Corps teaching service demonstrates and documents at least three months of “full time teaching” with an employer reference, then an RPCV can utilize “Alternative 3” of the NH Department of Education certification system. Through this alternative, the RPCV creates a portfolio to take before an oral review board. The RPCV’s experience must be comparable to the subjects/ages that they wish to teach in New Hampshire.

The Department of Education | Department of Education (

(603) 271-3494

Peace Corps teaching service is creditable toward experience credit for permanent licensure, but only if the RPCV already holds a New Jersey teaching license.

Certification (

(609) 376-3500

If an RPCV enters a program in New Mexico to complete the required teaching coursework, that program may accept Peace Corps service as credit towards a requirement.

Alternative Licensure Program Opportunities – New Mexico Public Education Department (

(505) 827-1436

Peace Corps service is creditable to licensure under the Individual Evaluation Program with submittal of an abstract detailing where the RPCV was teaching, what subject he or she was teaching, etc., to be evaluated by the Office of Teaching Initiatives. A university may also waive its student teaching component for RPCVs.

Individual Evaluation of U.S. Credentials: Preparation Pathways: OTI: NYSED

(518) 474-3901

Peace Corps service is creditable to licensure if the volunteer was in fact positioned as a teacher, working at least 20 hours a week, and properly documented. This would be filed on “Form E” for verification of K-12 teaching experience.

Residency Pathway: Individuals entering the profession with a bachelor’s degree, but no pedagogical training must affiliate with an educational preparation program (EPP) to meet the requirements of the license.

NC Pathways to Excellence for Teaching Professionals | NC DPI


Peace Corps service could be creditable towards certification of an interim emergency licensure for teacher shortage if the RPCV has a baccalaureate degree in her prospective teaching subject area, and if he or she could both prove completion of clinical practice under mentorship and complete education coursework at an approved university.

Types of Licenses | North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board

(701) 328-9641

Peace Corps teaching experience can be used for certification depending on level of licensure.

Public School System - Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands


Alternative Resident Educator License: in this alternative program RPCVS must submit official transcripts with a completed evaluation request application. The Department will provide an evaluation, outlining the initial requirements.

The accredited college at which the RPCV hopes to fulfill the standard preparation program could potentially recognize the RPCV teaching hours from the Peace Corps.

Exploring Careers in Education — Ohio HCRC

Alternative+RE+Licence+Tip+Sheet.pdf (

(614) 466-3593

Peace Corps volunteer service is credible along the alternative certification program. An RPCV who has never completed a teacher education program but has at least a baccalaureate degree and a major in a field of study that corresponds to one of the specified certificate areas may apply for the Alternative Placement Program.

Peace Corps teaching instruction can thus fulfill the required 2 years of work experience in the subject area of specialization. RPCV must then pass Oklahoma testing requirements and a review panel.

Oklahoma Alternative Placement Program for Teacher Certification


(405) 521-3337

Oregon along with the traditional route to licensing provides the Restricted Teaching License which is issued to qualified individuals who have a minimum of at least a bachelor's degree and who have substantial preparation in the subject matter in their teaching area but have not completed a teacher preparation program.

The Reciprocal Teaching License is issued to teachers who have completed an educator preparation program and hold an active and valid non-provisional teaching license from another state.

TSPC: First Time License: Licensing: State of Oregon

First License Teaching.pdf (

Reciprocal Teaching License .pdf (

(503) 378-3586

Experience credit for Peace Corps service would be up to the discretion of the college/university overseeing education credits, student teaching, and the teacher certification program.

Certification Pathways

(717) 783-6788

Peace Corps teaching service is not creditable toward licensure in Puerto Rico. Note that there are no teaching certificate programs available in Puerto Rico. However, the territory will accept certificates from any other state in the country.

itec - Department of Education (

How to Become a Teacher in Puerto Rico | 2023 How Test Prep - Teacher Certification (

(787) 759-2000

Peace Corps service is honored provided that the grade level of the RPCV’s instruction corresponds appropriately to the certification desired. Peace Corps teaching service thus waives the “student teaching requirements,” as the RIDE accepts 2 years of teaching service with an official statement of service.

Credential Review is another alternative which allows eligible individuals to pursue RI certification by following a differentiated program of study (determined by a consortium institution or RIDE).

Reciprocity is also offered as an option to obtaining a Rhode Island license.

Getting Certified in Rhode Island | RI Department of Education


Under the Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE), a RPCV can submit Peace Corps teaching service for the program requirement of two years prior full-time work experience.

Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) - South Carolina Department of Education

(803) 896-0325

South Dakota offers out of state reciprocity options in which documentation of field experience is required.

Certification, SD Department of Education

Out-of-State Reciprocity Options

(605) 773-3134

The Tennessee teacher license preparation program requires completion of student teaching requirements through an accredited college/university. This college/university might make allowances for Peace Corps full time teaching service based on the subject area and grade level taught.

Educator Licensure (

Out-of-State Educators (

(615) 741-1763

Experience credit for Peace Corps service would be up to the discretion of the college/university overseeing education credits or the teacher certification program.

Certification | Texas Education Agency

Alternative Certification Program | Texas Education Agency

(512) 936-8400

Teaching experience is not listed as a requirement towards certification.

Certifications | Virgin Islands Board of Education (

(340) 772-4144

With a standard renewable educator license from another jurisdiction (i.e.-state, country) you can apply for a Utah Educator License.

Peace Corps teaching experience can be used for the Verification of Educator Experience form.

Educator Licensing (

Out-of-State (OOS) License Application Checklist - Google Docs

Verification of Educator Experience (

(801) 538-7500

An RPCV pursuing Vermont’s alternative licensure route by “Peer Review” might be able to utilize Peace Corps teaching service to fulfill teaching experience requirements.

Peace Corps service is also creditable towards license renewal. License renewal requires completed credits, and Peace Corps service can satisfy up to 2/3 of these credits.

Educator Licensure | Agency of Education (

Peer Review Overview (

Peer Review - Alternative Route to Licensure | Agency of Education (

Renew Your License | Agency of Education (


Peace Corps service could be submitted under the Career Switcher: Alternative Licensure Program to fulfill 2 out of 3 years of the professional work experience requirement.

Other Licensures requires the completion of the completion of a teacher preparation program.

Teacher Licensure | Virginia Department of Education

Career Switcher Program | Virginia Department of Education

(800) 292-3820

Washington provides full and limited certificates with a completed out-of-state teacher preparation program.

Teacher Certificate | OSPI (

Out-of-State Applicants - Teachers | OSPI (

(360) 725-6400

Educator Licensure in West Virginia requires the completion of an approved educator preparation program whether that be an in/out-of-state program which is valid towards West Virginia’s Initial Professional and Initial Alternative Teaching certificate.

Certification - West Virginia Department of Education (

The Pathway to Licensure: Initial Professional

State Approved Alternative Certification Program Implementation

(304) 558-7010

Wisconsin Licensure mandates completion of a state or out of state approved traditional/alternative educator preparation program.

Leading Forward: Educator Preparation Programs | Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Teaching License | Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

(800) 266-1027

The Traditional Route to Licensure in Wyoming whether that is in/out-of-state requires the completion of a teacher preparation program.

If you obtained an out of state license through an alternative method, you may be eligible for licensure in Wyoming if you have taught 3 out of the last 6 years in the state where you are fully licensed. Verification of full-time teaching, administrative or other school experience must be signed by the respective school administrators.

Please review the specific information pertaining to Exception Authorizations options for individuals who have not met all the requirements for full licensure but may still be eligible to teach.

Becoming Licensed - Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board (

Exception Authorization - Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board (