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Connect and collaborate online with dedicated host country counterparts on short-term projects, ranging from education to entrepreneurship.

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About Virtual Service Pilot

The Virtual Service Pilot offers qualified individuals the distinct opportunity to apply their professional skills and experience to support Host Country Partners with their community-level projects. Participants are private citizens who donate 5-15 hours each week for 3-6 months in service of the Peace Corps mission.

Many Participants have shared they found online collaboration deeply meaningful and a great way to build lasting relationships with Post staff, counterparts, and other Participants.


"The thing about Virtual Service is that it gives you the opportunity to do something that is very tailored and very specific to what your skills are."
Amir B.
Virtual Service Participant
"The children were super excited and not shy at all [when our in-person Volunteer arrived], because they all overcame it when we had online Virtual Service lessons."
Tijana Z.
"Virtual Service is very effective – it allows [VSPPs] to be active with communities all around the world, without having to leave their homes."
Jim D.
Virtual Service Participant
"It's been a wonderful experience and I have nothing but good things to say about the collaboration."
Paul S.
"This was our first [Peace Corps] experience. We got used to the technology and it was an effective engagement."
Joel B.
Costa Rica
"The most rewarding part about working with the partner was the ability to reconnect with the culture."
Aimee D.
Virtual Service Participant
"It's like fireworks. It totally fills your soul."
Briony S.
Virtual Service Participant
South Africa
"[Participants] have a drive to serve and a lot of them aren't able to serve in person. Virtual Service allows them to build a bridge with communities in host countries around the world."
Alan Y.
Post staff
"I highly recommend Virtual Service to just about anyone. It is refreshing to use your tools, your skills, perspective, and judgment on something that has a huge impact."
Chris J.
Virtual Service Participant
"Service offers the opportunity for connection and mutual learning; Virtual Service is no different."
Nick D.
Virtual Service Participant
"Engaging once again with the Nepali language and culture can only be described as a treasure."
Aly M.
Virtual Service Participant
"We get to engage with partners that normally don't qualify for the two-year Volunteer."
Keisha C.
Post staff
"It was an opportunity to learn something myself."
Cindy M.
Virtual Service Participant
"I am thankful for the amazing technology that has reunited me with the people of Ecuador. It has been a privilege to reconnect with such talented educators on various projects."
Beverly H.
Virtual Service Participant
"What could enhance my life more than this?"
Peggy W.
Virtual Service Participant
"When you only work with local people, your thinking will be the same. But someone from a different country… they have a different perspective."
Mpendulo S.
"It gives us the opportunity to reach and integrate communities that we would not otherwise be able to [reach]."
Audrey A.
"It expands your connections – we're friends now with people we weren't friends with before."
Clint K.
Virtual Service Participant

Virtual service has shown how powerful human connections are - even those made over great distances and many time zones - and how much can be accomplished when we challenge the status quo.

Peace Corps Director Carol Spahn

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Support communities whether you serve virtually or in-person. Not sure if Virtual Service is the right fit for you? Consider Peace Corps Volunteer or Peace Corps Response Volunteer service.

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