Medical Information for Applicants

The Peace Corps provides all necessary and appropriate health care for Volunteers during service.

We must determine if your health and medical conditions will allow you to serve without undue disruption and if the Peace Corps medical resources in-country can meet your needs. 

As not all countries can support all health-care needs, your health-care needs may prevent you from serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. 

Please review Important Medical Information for Applicants [PDF] before applying.

About the medical clearance process

Our medical clearance process is an individualized assessment based on the medical records you submit and the resources available in our host countries. The Peace Corps makes the final determination of your medical clearance. 

As part of the process, you will need to submit documentation for any immunizations that you’ve had, current medical conditions, and ongoing treatment; we may ask for additional information as needed. 

Because the Peace Corps accepts the full transfer of medical care from your current doctor and provides your primary care during your service, we need to know your full medical history. Please make sure that you meet all due dates for medical screenings.

Once you have received an official invitation letter from the Peace Corps, you must be medically cleared before becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer.

For more information about the medical clearance process, contact the Preservice Unit at [email protected] or 855.855.1961 ext. 4047.