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Day of the Dead: Species Extinction


Exchange information about endangered and extinct species through mini case studies.


To learn about local endangered and extinct species while celebrating the

Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead


  • Information on endangered/extinct species
  • pens and pencils
  • photos of animals
  • and plants
  • Day of the Dead decorations and paraphernalia


1-2 hours


The Day of the Dead is celebrated every November in Mexico. During this holiday, Mexican family and friends gather to celebrate and remember their dead loved ones. This occasion is often marked by building altars and making visits to cemeteries. 

For this activity, have kids research what animals and plants are endangered or extinct in your region. Make a list of the species and assign one to each kid, who will then gather information on that endangered or extinct species, draw or print out a photo of it, and make an information card for the group altar.

The kids will then present their species to the group and place their cards and drawings or photos on the Day of the Dead altar. Use this opportunity to discuss how humans impact biological diversity.

This lesson plan is an activity from the Environmental Activities for Youth Clubs and Camps, a resource developed by the Peace Corps Office of Overseas Programming and Training (OPATS). It was contributed by Peace Corps/Mexico.