Zambia Country Fund

The Zambia Country Fund supports sustainable and community-driven projects in partnership with Peace Corps. Projects are led by Peace Corps Volunteers serving in rural communities with a focus on four key sectors:

  • Environment: centering on building the capacity of rural community members to increase food security and generate income without damaging forest and other natural resources.
  • Agriculture: through aquaculture, smallholder farming households learn new fish farming techniques to increase income-generating opportunities and improve nutrition.
  • Education: primary school students are taught English and literacy as they transition from instruction in local language to English continued through classroom based instruction in subsequent years.
  • Health: promoting appropriate and sustainable strategies to improve maternal, neonatal and child health while supporting community health outreach programs.

Volunteers also work on cross-sector initiatives such as HIV/AIDS prevention, gender equality and malaria prevention including a strong focus on adolescent and young adult populations.

Grateful Students
Students express their gratitude for the donations that made their school possible.

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