Tanzania Country Fund

Contributions to the Tanzania Country Fund support sustainable, community-driven Peace Corps Partnership Program projects in Tanzania that are led by Peace Corps Volunteers. These projects focuses on three sectors, namely; sustainable agriculture, secondary school education, and community health education.

Volunteers in Tanzania helps local businesses thrive in ways they never thought possible. Increasing the opportunities presented to local businesses promotes a sense of empowerment and sustainability that can truly change a community.

A lot of amazing projects in Tanzania are funded by the Peace Corps Partnership Program. Past projects include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Shika na Mikono (Hands On Science), classroom construction/renovation, microfinance, agribusiness, business education, and artisan collectives. Others include, English language training, upgrading/construction of school laboratory and library, agriculture projects target areas such as community food production systems, pesticide safety, crop production, animal husbandry, apiculture, agriculture marketing, farm economics, and formation of agricultural cooperatives, environmental conservation and ecotourism.

Today, projects like STEM is Government of Tanzania top priority than ever. Tanzania struggles to meet the growing demand for STEM professionals and students rarely see the practical application of science in their lives or have the confidence to pursue Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. STEM address challenges related to science subjects through cross-gender teamwork, shows students that everyone, regardless of gender, has a place in STEM and can succeed by working together.

Water Project

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Muddy Water Flows Out of the Borehole
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Workers Inserting PVC Piping
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Children Around Completed Water Project

Library Project

Photo of Library Project Before Renovation
Library Project Before Renovation
Students Studying in Newly Renovated Library
Students Studying in Newly Renovated Library

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Borehole Project