Evacuation and Travel

Frequently asked questions

What will be my status as a Peace Corps Volunteer/trainee (PCV/T)?

All evacuated Volunteers and trainees, regardless of length of service, will be classified as having undergone a Completion of Service (COS), and will receive allowances as detailed in Allowances and Benefits FAQ.

What if I was already medevac’d to the U.S when the evacuation began?

PCV/Ts who were on medevac status when the decision to evacuate their country was made will be COS’d and will receive allowances as per below.

What if I was on administrative hold when the decision to evacuate was made?

All PCV/Ts who were previously on administrative hold, whether due to the evacuation of their post or for other reasons, before the global evacuation was put into place have been converted to COS status. All benefits will apply as below.

What if I elected Interrupted Service (IS) due to the COVID-19 outbreak prior to the decision to evacuate my country?

You will be converted to Completion of Service (COS) status and will receive benefits and allowances as all other COVID-19 evacuees. However, eligibility for benefits differ according to how long you have served. Please see FAQs for Non-Competitive Eligibility, the Coverdell Fellows Program, Readjustment Allowance and Evacuation Allowance.

Do I have to fly directly to my Home of Record (HOR) or may I choose to take a “travel stipend” instead of an air ticket?

There is no option for a “travel stipend” under evacuation. All Peace Corps-paid flights will go to your HOR by the most immediate and direct route available.

What if my HOR has changed since I joined Peace Corps service?

Please discuss this immediately with your Director of Management and Operations (DMO) at post.

Can I stay in my country of service and not go to my HOR at this time?

Although you will be COS’d like all others, this would be treated as a “field termination.” You would have to surrender your Peace Corps issued no-fee passport, and the visa within it, to the Peace Corps at your post. In most of our posts, this would make it very difficult for you to legally remain in country. Additionally, you would not be eligible for a PC-paid flight home, a travel per diem, or transport of your belongings home.

Given the global public health threat that has led to this evacuation, Peace Corps very strongly recommends you return directly to your HOR with a PC-issued ticket.

Will I be reimbursed for baggage charges on domestic flights?

Yes, Peace Corps will reimburse these fees.

In some cases, the US domestic airlines are charging baggage fees for two checked bags. Peace Corps does not have a mechanism to pay these fees as Volunteers are transferring from international to domestic flights. Volunteers are advised to pay for these flights by any means at their disposal and submit a reimbursement using the “Trainee/Volunteer Travel Authorization Form” available at: https://learning.peacecorps.gov/mod/page/view.php?id=55918

What will happen to the things I had to leave in country?

Our current priority is to get every PCV back home safely. If you were unable to take your belongings with you, Peace Corps will be working to return them to you. Please stay tuned for updates regarding the timing and procedures on Learning Space.

What if I have a pet? Can I take my pet home with me?

Especially given the urgency of this evacuation, you may not change your travel plans to accommodate your pet. We recommend that you leave your pet in the care of a friend or community member.

Regrettably, Peace Corps is unable to pay any expenses for pets.

If I am not in my country of service at this time, how do I proceed?

If you are currently in the U.S., please communicate immediately with your Country Director (CD), or Director of Management and Operations (DMO) for further guidance.

If you are in not in either the U.S. or in your country of service, please communicate immediately with your CD or DMO for guidance.