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The goal of the Peace Corps blog is to share the diverse experiences and voices within the Peace Corps community.

We welcome submissions from currently serving and returned Volunteers, Peace Corps staff members, or any individual impacted by the Peace Corps.

To submit a story, fill out the form below and your story will be reviewed by an editor. Selected submissions will be edited for clarity and published on the Peace Corps blog. If your story is chosen to be published, you will be contacted by an editor.

Submitted stories should be:

  • Between 500 - 800 words
  • Written in first person (I, me, my)
  • Accompanied by 2-4 pictures
  • Accompanied by a brief author biography
  • Always respectful of host countries and community members

Tips for writing your story:

  • Avoid technical jargon, acronyms. Individuals reading your story may not be familiar with the Peace Corps or the country you are writing about.
  • Stay on topic. Figure out exactly what you want your story to be about. Give your story a beginning, middle and end.
  • Keep your story authentic. We welcome stories about challenges or obstacles faced during service as long as respect is given to host country customs and community members.
  • Focus on people, relationships and impact. Where relevant, include the names and contributions of your community members or colleagues.
  • Have fun. Your perspectives and experiences are unique and valuable. We can’t wait to read your story!
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