Salary & Benefits

The Peace Corps offers standard federal employment benefits, including competitive salaries, 13 vacation days (extended to 19.5 days after just three years of service), 13 days of sick leave, a wide choice of life and health insurance options, retirement benefits, and a tax-deferred savings plan similar to a 401(K) savings plan.


Salaries at the Peace Corps conform to governmentwide ranges approved each year by Congress. All positions have an assigned grade(s) level, which sets the pay parameters for the position within the Peace Corps salary scale. Please refer to specific vacancy announcements for the range of available salaries.

Health insurance

Employees may enroll in one of the many health plans offered to federal employees. These include fee-for-service, point of service, and health maintenance organizations. The cost is shared by the government and no physical examination is required.

Life insurance

Low-cost life insurance is available. Like health insurance, the cost is shared by the government and no physical examination is required.


New employees are automatically enrolled in a three-tier system that includes Social Security, a basic pension plan (Federal Employees Retirement System), and a Thrift Savings Plan. Under the Thrift Savings Plan, employees may contribute up to 10 percent of basic pay into a tax-deferred interest account. The government will match the employee's contribution, up to 5 percent of basic pay.