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Tuesday, April 16, 2024


(East Lansing, Mich. | Tuesday, April 16, 2024) – Peace Corps Deputy Director David E. White Jr. visited University of Michigan and Michigan State University to celebrate the upcoming release of the Peace Corps’ 2024 List of Top Colleges and Universities Historically Producing Volunteers, share his journey of public service with students, and to recognize the most recent graduates of the Peace Corps Prep Program.

At the University of Michigan, Deputy Director White engaged students and their families in a discussion about the transformative impact of global service and offered inspiring stories of current Peace Corps Volunteers who call University of Michigan their alma mater. Deputy Director White emphasized the importance of cross-cultural understanding, community development, and grassroots initiatives in creating positive change worldwide. He also encouraged students to become catalysts for world peace and friendship by applying to serve in the Peace Corps. While at University of Michigan, Deputy Director White met with stakeholders from across the Peace Corps network to explore further opportunities for collaboration and sustainable impact.

Continuing to Michigan State University, Deputy Director White extended congratulations to graduates of the Peace Corps Prep Program. A cornerstone of the agency’s commitment to attracting the most talented and diverse group of Peace Corps Volunteers, the Peace Corps Prep Program equips students with the skills and knowledge for a competitive application to serve around the world. Deputy Director White underscored how core skills like cultural competency, adaptability, and empathy, are not only vital to Peace Corps service, but to their future professional trajectories. He commended the graduates for their passion to making a difference and taking the first step to serve boldly.

Deputy Director White also emphasized the importance of universities in shaping the future of global service, just as President Kennedy’s impromptu speech at University of Michigan ignited a movement that led to his founding of the Peace Corps in 1961. To close discussions, Deputy Director White expressed confidence that today’s students will carry forward the torch of service and continue to make a positive impact on the world.

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