Stories from Zambia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Zambia.

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VIDEO: Peace Corps celebrates Older Americans Month

Peace Corps Volunteers of all ages are called to serve overseas. 

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5 reasons to have a pet in the Peace Corps

After adopting Hobbes the cat near the start of his Peace Corps service, Matt Young shares 5 reasons every Volunteer needs a pet.

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LaShaya Howie

When she joined Peace Corps, New York resident LaShaya Howie knew she wanted to serve in Africa as a way to connect to her roots as an African American. What she didn’t realize was how significantly the country would affect her perception of her own identity.

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Carrie Russpatrick Namesake

Zambian women are tough. 

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To fetch a pail of water

Here’s a puzzle: When I lived in a village, Zambia, I got my water from a stream that lay 350 yards down a gentle slope from my hut. 

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Show me a Peace Corps Volunteer

Show me a Peace Corps Volunteer and I’ll show you people of all colors, ages and creeds. 

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Matt Young blogging off the grid

I live in a mud hut in sub-Saharan Africa with no electricity or running water. So how do I blog from my site? With a smartphone, solar panels and thumbs destined for carpal tunnel syndrome, that's how.

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The Tukwatankane Women's Club that I work with has been working incredibly hard since May to build a fish pond so they can eventually sell the fish in their community. The problem? The women's club didn't have money to buy the required 300 fingerlings for the pond.

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