Stories from Zambia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Zambia.

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Matt Young Peace Corps

At some point during their service, nearly every Peace Corps Volunteer reflects back on the past month or year or two years and asks themselves the million-dollar question (er, well, in my case, the $280/month question):

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Moser blog Let Girls Learn

As I sat in class on Monday during the alphabet game, I looked around and had this thought, this epiphany of how special every one of these women are.

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Guatemala smile

Sometimes all it takes is one smile to make a Volunteer feel right at home.

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My life hasn't quite been the same ever since arriving in Zambia two and a half years ago.

One of the funny things about life after college that they don't tell you in colorful brochures or limited-enrollment seminars is that your entire focus shifts from self-betterment to the betterment of other things. 

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VIDEO: Peace Corps celebrates Older Americans Month

Peace Corps Volunteers of all ages are called to serve overseas. 

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5 reasons to have a pet in the Peace Corps

After adopting Hobbes the cat near the start of his Peace Corps service, Matt Young shares 5 reasons every Volunteer needs a pet.

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LaShaya Howie

When she joined Peace Corps, New York resident LaShaya Howie knew she wanted to serve in Africa as a way to connect to her roots as an African American. What she didn’t realize was how significantly the country would affect her perception of her own identity.

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Carrie Russpatrick Namesake

Zambian women are tough. 

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