Stories from Zambia

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Zambia.

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zambia sunset

In the mornings, I wake up between 5 and 6 a.m. to swiftly roll up my sleeping bag (it’s cold season), hammock, and mosquito net, and roll out the yoga mat for some stretching.

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Girls Can Code Computer

Lodged deep in the bush off a bumpy, meandering path, you come to a clearing. 

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Rachele Lopez Chicana Africana

It was evening time and I had just finished eating dinner and settled down with a book when I heard, “Odi?” at my step. 

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Netball, Zambia

One yellow ball transformed my Peace Corps service.

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VIDEO: Celebrating Older Americans Month

"My decision to apply to Peace Corps was actually a fulfillment of a younger person's dream." – Mary Ellen Rivero, Peace Corps Zambia

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stomp out malaria zambia

I walk out of my hut to visit my host family. This has become an almost daily ritual.

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commute jordan

Peace Corps Volunteers trek through mountains, deserts, fields, rainforests and rivers to get to their service sites. Here’s what commuting looks like for 11 Volunteers and returned Volunteers around the world.

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Peace Corps 360º: Chuck returns to Zambia

Step into a Peace Corps Volunteer’s shoes with this 360-degree video from Zambia and experience what life in service is like. 

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How Mentorship in Africa Changed My Career Path

I didn’t know how important mentorship was until I became a Peace Corps Volunteer.

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